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Full Version: Happy Reformation Day?
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I was listening to Alex Jones a few minutes ago and a caller calls up and says "Happy Reformation Day!" He was dead serious. Seriously... really? Let's celebrate a psychopath rebelling against the Catholic Church? I'll never understand Protestants.
I know........ we can celebrate by tearing a couple more books out of the bible.
(10-31-2012, 02:38 PM)fatiam13 Wrote: [ -> ]I know........ we can celebrate by tearing a couple more books out of the bible.

Good idea. I've always though James was an epistle of straw anyway.  Wink
I've never heard of such a special day to commemorate the Deformation.

LOL iona
Also, I just realized I read from the Book of Tobit this morning. Turns out it was quite apposite!

Kind of ironic how the biggest day of celebration for Satanists and Occultists is today, the same day Martin Luther lost the faith and brought countless souls with him to Hell.
Was AJ lovin' it? 1776 in the Church?
I don't even think AJ knew what it was... he was like... "What?" Then the guy went on to talk about his weird Protestant sect and messianic Judaism and all this crazy nonsense. He is going to estrange his Catholic listeners if he keeps allowing these crazy prots on his show and saying the best translation of scripture is the KJV.

The answer to 1984 is not 1776, it's Our Lord Jesus Christ The King. I've always wanted to call up and say that and see his reaction.  LOL

Happy reformation day.

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