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Full Version: SSPX Voting Guide Excerpt
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(11-03-2012, 10:08 AM)TheOutlookChild Wrote: [ -> ]Makes my head explode! I live in Canada so I don't have the privilege of making such a horrible decision. Truly though, I think that no matter who gets in there will still be war, abortion and homosexual union. I think its just a game they play. They are just actors. In the end they are are on the same page. Democracy is just an illusion to make people feel like they have choices. That is just my opinion.

This with the exception that I don't live in Canada. The last election cycle left me so fed up with the charade that is American politics that I simply tuned out. I haven't looked back.
I'd be interested if they had a little formula to rate the candidates, Obama is no good on the intrinsic evils, but is dragging his feet on the war. While Romney is a little better on the intrinsic evils, but is friends with BB Netanyahoo, and what Israel wants they will get, namely war. So in the day an unjust war fought in conventional ways didn't always kill civilians on purpose, where today wars aim at them particularly, meaning the taking of innocents on purpose. Plus Romney intends to return us to the same so called "free trade" casino he believes in, which is usury. How do you sum these ? I'm sitting this one out, both of these candidates are well below evil.

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