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Full Version: God's sense of humour
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(11-04-2012, 06:32 PM)SMKMI Wrote: [ -> ]:eyeroll:Rosy... this thread was for the purpose of not only going past it, but separating it entirely for a different purpose. Get over it. Let this thread go. Let it be funny and lighthearted and full of funny "St. Andrew answered in this way... hahahahahahaha" etc.

You think "eyeroll" and "Rosary" is respectful to me? Why do you do that?

That is what happens when there is a call, however slight, to be serious. Mockery and derision. Perhaps it is good for someone to go against social convention occasionally just to reveal what it hidden.

With all the evil in the world today, abortion, gay marriage, greed, people in general turning away from God, if God has a sense of humor, its on hold right now. I seriously doubt He's chuckling at us right now.
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