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Full Version: 11th. Annual Latin Mass Conference in Monterey, California
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Moral Chaos in America’s Culture

Keep the Faith and Latin Mass Magazine present
the Eleventh Annual Monterey Conference

Sat., Nov. 17, and
Sun., Nov. 18, 2012
at the Monterey Beach Resort
2600 Sand Dunes Dr.,
Monterey, CA

Mr. Robert Reilly -
Islam and Christianity:
The Theology Behind the History
Father Kenneth Baker, S.J.,-
The Engine of Atheism
Christopher Ferrara
Onward Christian Soldiers: A Look at the New Hungarian Constitution and Other Possible Counter-Offensives Against the Dictatorship of Relativism
Ronald G. Connolly, M.D.-
Our Culture’s Claim that Faith and Reason are Incompatible is Unreasonable

To register by mail or by phone, see brochure
To register online, click here
For further information phone (210) 327-5900
Oops, their website has the wrong phone number - if you want to call for more info, the correct number is (201) 327-5900

This Latin Mass conference is well worth the trip if you are anywhere near the Monterey Bay Area~~