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Full Version: Vatican Conference for Special Needs of Seafarers
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Yesterday the Pontifical Council for Migrants outlined plans for the 23rd annual congress of the Apostleship of the Sea, to be held at the Vatican on November 19-23, with participants expected from 71 countries.
Is there anyone who uses this site who is or has had experience as a seafarer? What special concerns or advice would you would you offer to the congress if you  were able to be a participant?
Apparently this council isn't just limited to seafarers. They are also talking about the pastoral needs of street people. Anybody have any thoughts on this? How do you think that the church could better respond to the needs of street people?

The president of the Pontifical Council for migrants and Itinerant People called upon those involved in the Apolsltesship of the Sea to be agents of the new evangelization.