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Full Version: Mideast Christains' Fears
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Habib Malik, a professor at the Lebanese American University, told Vatican Radio that the real fears of Middle East Christians following the "Arab Spring" are not hallucinatory or born of a fertile imagination.
Islam is an animal religion.  We had Sadaam who kept them in check, and had a Catholic in his government.  We had Mubarak, not great, but the Copts were better off under him.  We had Kaddafi, who again offered protection for Christians.  Assad also seems to treat Christian OK.  That is all gone with the Arab Spring.  The Christians will be slaughtered by the head hunters.

Here is an example of what is likely to happen. May the Christians of hte Middle East be faithful to the Gospel of Jesus Christ
Pray Pray Pray
As James has noted those guys were bad men but they surely kept the lid on it for us, and didn't persecute our brothers. This is the confluence of Wilsonian messianic democracy building and the people least inclined to want it. This President and his cabal, like Hillary, allow this to go on, while simultaneously they persecute Catholics at home with the aid of the apostates Biden, and Sebellius, et al.

Saddam committed genocide against the Kurds.
Here is some more on the civil war in Syria.
Violence against Christians and other religous and ethnic minorities in Syria is on the rise, according to John Pontifex of Aid to the Church in Need.
As the violence in Gaza continues to escalate, Caritas Jerusalem says that the area is too dangerous for its mobile clinic and health center to operate fully
Barring the Phillipines and perhaps the very Far East, Christians are cowed down East of Suez
apparently two car bombs blew up in a predominantly Christian area of Damascus.
Shocked Huh? Shocked Huh? Crazy! Unsure
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