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Full Version: Joy in Gods Service
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Excerpts from Short Catholic Homilies : Joy in Gods Service

"Whereas the common idea of religion is that it is an unpleasant, sad, uphill sort of a thing, which imposes restraints upon us, and, far from being a cause of thankfulness and joy, is a great interference with the pleasure of life. Pious people, too, are regarded as dull, simple, spiritless creatures, quite the opposite of joyful.

This is all wrong, all false, and, if it be our religion, then we have not the true religion, at least practically. For as God’s benefits are real and great, so our thanks and joy should be in them and correspond to them. Religion, being our highest duty, should be and can be our highest pleasure."

Its nice to be on Gods team.  I bet the Patriarch Noah was a happy person, even while he built the arc with the Knowledge that mankind was going to be wiped out except for him and his family (thought I think I read that he preached repentance for 100 years  while he built the arc he had no takers) .  The Fact that he knew that God loved him, and was going to save him must have been quite consoling and filled his heart with gladness.

Sometimes I think the cause of a lot of the misery  is a desire for a certain outcome rather than a joy in a labor. 

May god save us from unhappy saints.
:pray: :pray: :pray:
A labor of love. Loving the labor.