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Full Version: Communion in the hand for the 21st century
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[Image: zO3Ks.jpg]

Didn't see any thread on this, so thought I'd publicize an interesting innovation at the Continental Congress of Theology, a left-wing, but fully regular, Catholic congress in São Leopoldo, Brazil, sponsored by the Jesuits.

A natural progression of the acceptance of the principle that the form of administration of communion is value-neutral. What, in principle or in law, would stop this from coming to the mainstream Church under a future, more liberal-inclined pope?

Photos from here:
Has about as much respect as my cookie jar or candy dish for Our Lord. So sad. I wonder who thought that was a good idea. So wrong on so many levels. Well, it's up to lay Catholics to find the devout by the book churches now. It is obvious many can't be trusted to preserve and practice the faith. I wonder what would happen if one were to kneel for COTT, head covered and all....
It may be in so called full communion, but it doesn't look Catholic at all.
Re: the photo of the man and woman holding up the wine and bread (at this point I shudder to think consecration occurred)... while the priest just encourages them w/ hand on shoulders: does the priest have to be holding the host and chalice for transubstantiation to occur? Or could he just say the words and bam! Since it appears to be a combined consecration ( assuming it's consecration) would that render it invalid?

This looks more like, well, I have some choice phrasing I'd like to use but won't...

(11-15-2012, 12:53 PM)Phillipus Iacobus Wrote: [ -> ]It may be in so called full communion, but it doesn't look Catholic at all.
Indeed, Phillipus, indeed.

Obviously this is disgusting,  I am not sure about the legality of it. I know that self-intinction is against the Church's laws, so I don't know why this would be allowed. However, this does seem to be the natural progression of communion in the hand. The problem is that so many people have become so accustomed to COTH that reception on the tongue seems foreign and exotic.  If more priests would simply speak on the matter, I am sure more would receive on the tongue. Obviously therein lies the problem, since you have priests willing to indulge the nonsense taking place in these pictures.