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Full Version: Dialogue with Solzhenitsyn
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Interesting.  Had not come across these before on YouTube.

Throwing you in at Part 7 because I found it particularly interesting.

Thanks Gregg.
Excellent find, thanks for sharing.

A treasure of a find! Thanks for posting this!
Awesome interview ggreg. Thanks for the video.
Great interview. Thanks.
Thank you!

Interesting that in one of his books he mentions the most frustrating part of the camps was not just the hunger, pain, and so on but they
changed the meanings of the words.  I always found that interesting especially since V2.

At any rate, this is a great Russian movie. Called "The Island" one can view it on You tube.
About a Russian Orthodox monk that many  believed was a Saint yet a jokester. Very funny, witty and 1000 percent Russian to the core. Enjoy.

An excellent article on A. Solzhenitsyn is called "The Last Dissident" by Jeremy Beers published by American Conservative magazine.  He points out that Solz. hated communism yet feared secularism as evidenced by his Harvard address: .

Jeremy Beer's article can be found here:

According to Beers ISI books was suppose to publish the first volume of Solz. 2 volume memoir of his life in the West, but i think the project was shelved. Unfortunately alot of his
writings were never translated. It is too bad his short story about the Russian peasant woman, virtuous to the end is one of the best short stories I have ever read.  "No village, no
town, no country could survive" without one virtuous person in its midst. 
One of his last works, a volume of short stories called APRICOT JAM AND OTHER STORIES, is available
in English, thanks to his son. It has been ignored by MSM ; it is magnificent. Unfortunately, his work on the
role of the Jews in Russian history, TWO HUNDRED YEARS TOGETHER, was deemed "unacceptable" by
the "powers that be" and the greatest writer of the 20th century was labelled an "anti-semite" and his works
could no longer be translated into English or published, a great annoyance for those of us waiting to read the
last two volumes of his four-volume novel on WW1 and the Russian revolution, THE RED WHEEL.

You do not offend "our elder brothers" in any way and get away with it.
Witness the recent saga of a notorious great truth-telling Catholic Bishop.

Order APRICOT JAM and read these great final masterpieces of the master.
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