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Full Version: Black Friday Surprise!
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So I went to see some of my mom's family for Thanksgiving. Her parents were very Catholic (8 kids, Catholic school, father knew Latin and was philanthropic, etc.), but most of their kids have unfortunately fallen away from the Church. My grandfather passed away right after I was born, and a recent move by my grandmother necessitated a thorough thinning of her possessions. In speaking with one of my older cousins, she mentioned the finding of some saints's relics that had originally belonged to my grandfather no one knew what to do with. I asked to see them, but we couldn't  find them.

Right before we left today (Black Friday), an aunt of mine came over because she had found them. Apparently my great grandfather had been an incredibly pious man who probably would have joined the priesthood were he not married. He was a doctor, and offered a great amount of free healthcare to priests, nuns, and even his archbishop; he was well respected, and Pope Paul VI inducted him into the Order of St. Gregory, so I am told. Anyway, he had some relics, 7 of which were given to my grandfather (RIP), which my grandmother and aunt decided to give to me Smile And they weren't just any relics. They included Ss. Anne, Francis of Assisi, Blaise, Therese de Lisieux, Pius X, Scholastica, and Peter of Alcantara!!! It was a great blessing to receive these, and I couldn't thank them enough for passing them on down to me. It was definitely a better gift than any Black Friday deal other Americans might have gotten today. Deo gratias! I hope everyone else had a great Thanksgiving!
That's an awesome story!  God is great!  Smile

That's awesome! You are so blessed Smile
Smile Deo gratias!
That is one fantastic collection of relics! What a blessing!
That's the best black Friday!
Amazing. So happy for you.
What class were the relics? Is it permissible for laymen to own first or second class relics?
You are blessed! St Teresa of Avila is reputed to have said that anything asked of St Peter of Alcantara would be granted!
(11-24-2012, 06:10 AM)MichaelNZ Wrote: [ -> ]What class were the relics? Is it permissible for laymen to own first or second class relics?

Sure 'tis.  Smile Paul Luke, I hope you got first class relics.... If its a first class relic of St. Anne, which saint Anne?

In any event, Paul Luke you are one lucky son of a gun. You really hit the jackpot! Congrats!
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