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Full Version: New Indian Blessed
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Deo gratias!

[Image: Martyr_Devasahayam.jpg]

His Wikipedia article:

In the image he looks like a typical Hindu of that time/place, and that reminded me of this from St. Augustine's City of God (Book XIX, Ch 19): 
Quote:It is a matter of no moment in the city of God whether he who adopts the faith that brings men to God adopts it in one dress and manner of life or another, so long only as he lives in conformity with the commandments of God. And hence, when philosophers themselves become Christians, they are compelled, indeed, to abandon their erroneous doctrines, but not their dress and mode of living, which are no obstacle to religion.
Interesting. I had never heard of him. Thanks for posting!
Fulton Sheen said that when Christ comes He will appear to the Indians as the crucified with His pierced hands outstretched. I think it is a very sure sign of God's approval of the Catholics in south India that the Church is showering their churches with such favors to their unique expression of the one Faith in Christ. This is very good news.