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Full Version: Spiritual Question?
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How do you learn to trust God and turn your will over to the Divine Will? I don't trust he will be there for me when i need him and so in a pathetic way by worrying and controlling i try to anticipate bad things happening to me to lessen their impact.

Pick up a copy of this book.

When you need Him most is when He will be right there, waiting.

Other good books

St. Alphonsus de Ligouri  "Uniformity with God's Will" (this is a short pamphlet, so there is no reason not to read it)

Jean-Pierre de Caussade "Abandonment to Divine Providence" (this is a classic)

Both available on and in different formats on

I need to read any/all of these books again and put them into practice. They make so much sense to me.

Someone who has read both "Trustful Surrender" and "Abandonment to Divine Providence" recently or has a better memory than me might be able to give their preference.  Both are very good, as I remember.
I think step one is realizing how much you already do trust. You go to bed each day and trust your involuntary breathing and heartbeat will not cease. You trust that the weather will continue to allow us to grow food to feed ourselves. We are really like a nursing infant to Him. Once you start to wake up to some of this, then you can start to apply it to occasions which are harder.