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Full Version: Solange Hertz
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Walty's thread on the steadfast Cardinal Biffi contained a reference to Solange Hertz by a contributor. Does she still write? Is there a compendium of her writings available in any medium? Thanks.
Tumblar House would be a good place to start.

She had a stroke a few years ago.  Just prior to this she had written a book called "The Passion of the Church" perhaps one of best, spiritually speaking and appropriate since it was in
the middle of the pedo scandal. She was always ahead of the Catholic curve whether it is feminism (she wrote a book on it waaay back) or the crisis.
The Remnant has a list of her books and it was through the Remnant that I was able to correspond with her.
That was a direct quote by the way.  On the topic of Catholic prophecies she is one of the best and she humbly admitted it had been years since she delved into prophecy.

How old is Solange?
(12-12-2012, 10:42 PM)salus Wrote: [ -> ]How old is Solange?

From what I've read she had a stroke about seven years ago which I'm sure slowed her down some, but as far as I know she is still with us at the ripe-old age of ninety three.
(12-12-2012, 08:41 PM)fatiam13 Wrote: [ -> ]Tumblar House would be a good place to start.


If one was to purchase one of her books, it would be good to support Tumblar House.
Tumblar House it is. Thank you, Fatima.

Mithy, if I 'buy' one of her books for a Kindle, do I own it or do I rent it indefinitely from Amazon?