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Full Version: Crystal ... er ... Christ Cathedral slowly becoming Catholic
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(12-16-2012, 06:50 AM)Servulus Wrote: [ -> ]Are they still allowing the previous occupant to hold their "worship services" there? I heard this was part of the agreement until they could find another location.

My understanding is that the diocese takes possession this June, so the CC congregation and school have  use of the facilities until then.  In June the near by St. Callistus parish and school will move to the new campus.  The former Garden Grove Community Church building (now called the Arboretum) will be used as the chuch while the "crystal cathedral" is rennovated.  The CC congregation has been offered a lease with option to buy on the St. Callistus property, which includes a school, and I believe that their current plan is to lease there.  I recall reading that special permission from the Vatican was required for this arrangement.  The Chapman University offer would allow the congregation and Hour of Power television show to continue to use the CC building on Sunday and maintain office space on the campus (though they would loose the school building, which is what Chapman mostly wanted).  The logic was that the diocese needed to offer a similar "place to go" option to remain competitive in the bidding process.  Though Chapman's final offer was higher than the diocese's the "official reason" given for the Crystal Cathedral Ministries Board (the campus wasn't owned by the congregation but by a seperate "ministries corporation", which was the entity that was in bankruptcy) was that the Catholic offer would have the CC remain as a house of worship.
Thanks moneil.
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