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Full Version: English mass
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Hi guys,
I was wondering - when did the first translation of the Mass into English occur? Was it after V2 or did the phenomenon occur earlier?

I've read that it was translated into languages other than Greek and Latin fairly early on but I don't really have the timeline clear in my mind. Any help getting to grips with that would be appreciated!
Do you mean in general, or liturgical use? In general, I believe the oldest books we have are like 14th century of something like that. Lay Folk's Mass Book, which is a  verse English translation of a French work on the Mass. As for in liturgical use, that was November 29, 1964.
Thanks for the info. Was the 14th century translation like a missal for the laity?
I ran across it here at a local university library when I was doing research. This was pre-internet archive. Here's the work:

Starts on page two. It's more like a loose meditation on the Mass for people to spiritually follow instead of literal. It is clear at points that they did not follow the Mass literally, but prayed "pater nosters" etc. Some parts are like the Mass text. The gloria, for example. The margin gives tips on what you're seeing. If you've got a question about the middle English, just write and I (and others perhaps) can help. As you can see too, the Mass (Sarum) has its own peculiarities.