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Full Version: TLM for Nellie Gray in DC
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[size=10pt]St. Mary Mother of God Church to host Mass in honor of Nellie Gray[/size]

Washington, D.C. – St. Mary Mother of God Roman Catholic church here is scheduled to host a sung Mass in the extraordinary form Jan. 25 at 8 a.m. to commemorate Nellie Gray, the ardent pro-life advocate and architect of the annual March for Life.

Miss Gray died in August at the age of 88. Fr. Alfred J. Harris, pastor of St. Mary’s, celebrated her Requiem Mass.

The Paulus Institute, a Catholic organization dedicated to the propagation of the Sacred Liturgy, will sponsor the Mass. The day of the Mass and this year’s March for Life is providentially the Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul, the patron saint of the institute.

“Nellie Gray was a saint right in our midst,” said Jonathan Terrell, a member of the institute’s board of directors. “As a lawyer in her prime years, she answered Christ’s call, just as St. Paul did. Nellie left her career and devoted herself to correcting the gross injustice of Roe vs. Wade, and she unfailingly attended the traditional Mass. May she be an inspiration to us all.”
RIP late. Sounds like a great lady. Goes in the face of femnists who think women are not involved in the pro life movement.
The OP is misleading; Mass may only be offered "in honor of someone" if he is a Saint or Blessed.