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Full Version: Examples of Modern Church Architecture that you Like?
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I know must of us hate modern church architecture but I have to say that Saint John Bosco Church is Brasilia is not that bad. The outside is hideous but the the interior is quite beautiful. The blue stained glass looks amazing in my opinion and it looks like it causes a peaceful atmosphere. The sanctuary could use some work. What about you? Is there any examples of modern church architecture that you think are not that bad?
[Image: Dom_Bosco_Brasilia.jpg]
[Image: 800px-Santuário_Dom_Bosco_Bras%C3%ADlia_...r_view.jpg]
Honestly, I find that one to be depressing.    I have seen some modern that isn't too awful, but nothing specific springs to mind at the moment.

Edit:  One thing I do like about the above picture is that the church is not covered wall to wall with carpet.
Sorry, guess that I'm too "hardcore" for anything like that.  :O
Thanks for your responses! What do you guys think of this modern looking chapel? It is located in a high school in the Philippines
[Image: 6475192787_2162e2d841.jpg]
Cold, and hard.  Both of them.  And somewhat blinding, because there are no images.  Nothing to draw focus, or to look at.

Great art has variety.  Warmth, coldness, hardness, softness, big scale, tiny scale, light, shadow, but above all, balance, so that not one of these dominate.  And they should never give the impression that they could've been assembled in a matter of hours.  Modern stuff looks like it was done too quickly. 
(01-05-2013, 06:03 PM)CatholicLife Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks for your responses! What do you guys think of this modern looking chapel? It is located in a high school in the Philippines
[Image: 6475192787_2162e2d841.jpg]

The sanctuary is a huge step up from what many modern churches (and wreckovated old ones) have.  To me it looks almost like a 3D icon.   A high altar would help.  From what I can see, the walls need to be reworked (too plain and square) somewhat, but at least it has a vaulted (somewhat) ceiling rather than a flat thing with floodlights.   The windows are awful because they look like the kind you'd install in a house.  Are those blinds that I see at the top?   They need some stained glass.  Real stained glass.  Overall, it's still modern and is altogether more in the style of a museum showroom than a church, but something could be done with it.  Add some proper art, real stained glass windows, etc.  The thing is... if they would just build proper churches in the first place we wouldn't have to worry about trying to alter monstrosities to look like churches!

I'd like to see that Filipino high school chapel relocated in a cityscape similar to Blade Runner/Total Recall/Priest, etc... the building should be cold and dark. Just might work!
The first church is not technically all that modern since the windows are gothic. There are lights around the altar in one of the historical Polish churches near downtown detroit. It's almost a hundred years old so it doesn't look modern at all though in some sense it is.
It might be a bit of a stretch of your definition, but seeing as Art Deco was contemporaneous with artistic Modernism, it ought to count: the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen in Baltimore, MD.

There's a good virtual tour on the site.

I had the pleasure of seeing the completed interior of Sagrada Familia in Barcelona a few years ago, and it is an overall success, I think.
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