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Full Version: Alice von Hildebrand Interview
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I ran across this last week and wasn't sure anyone caught it here. Fascinating stuff. I find it revealing how someone of her stature will suddenly not be found on EWTN anymore (she did a series with Thomas Howard once there), or referenced by the likes of Catholic Answers after comments like this are made. I guess that also applies to Salza, Woods and Sugenis for that matter. Also, her husband is mentioned very little by the above named sources, despite the fact that Venerable Pope Pius XII considered him a doctor of the 20th century. Anyone care to take a stab why? :grin:
Here is the full interview: Present at the Demolition.
I don't know why, but could speculate, but will not. She was often a guest of Mother Angelica, and some of these ponts she had said on air a few times. In fact the entire first part before Father Luigi Villa I thought was a re-run having heard it say this before.


She might not be up to doing as many interviews as before. It's amazing to me that she's had as much energy to go on speaking tours, write books and articles, as she has.