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Full Version: Why did you choose your confirmation saint?
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This is a fun thread just talking about why we chose the confirmation saint that we chose.

I chose saint Anthony of Padua

I chose him because of how he lived his life. He was very humble and chose to avoid even the smallest of sins. He brought many people to Christ through his preaching and by his good example.

He was a great power who did so as Saint Francis of Assisi told him to do. He always sought the Holy Spirit before he have a speech. Thus his Sermons and speeches were always great. Hours speeches were filed of love of God l and because of this even the fishes listened to him.

Saint Anthony also brought people to God by him good example. Because he kept his soul free from even the smallest sin the infant Jesus was presented to him.

A lot of miracles happen to this day because of his closeness to God

I chose St Martin of Tours,

At the time I wanted to be become an officer in the Army when I grew up and he was the patron of Soldiers. 
I chose St. Augustine because of my past life.
I chose St. Peter because I was not educated about the saints at the time, but I heard about him at Mass often and felt like we had a lot in common, especially our faults, so I thought he'd be a good intercessor for me.
I chose Maria, and I don't think any explanation is necessary!
I chose St. Aquinas because he helped my conversion (through purely philosophical means) and my love for philosophy and theology God gave me that I did not have prior to embracing the faith.
  I chose St. Therese the Little Flower because my grandmother had great devotion for her.
Mine is St Teresa of Avila.  I chose her because she is the patron saint of headache sufferers and I get nasty migraines.  Also because she was around at the time of the "reformation' and did it the right way. 
I chose St. Peter because I always had a special devotion to him and I share many of his faults.
You'll find this curious. I could and can still be a hard headed guy. The screen dosen't let you see this I think. So, in 7th grade I choose Saul as my Confirmaion name because I liked it's sound. Poor Sister Petronella went boinkers, trying to get me to change to Paul. I got attention like you would not believe. Fr. Cunningham was called in as the heavy and I dug in my heels, and he was close to straightening me out with a few punches, but let go, temporarily. Sister Petronella at the final practice where our Sponsors came to walk through it with us, had asked my mother to be present with my Sponsor. This was the intervention, Sister Petronella, Fr. Cunningham, My Mother, and my Uncle the Sponsor all came against me, and I fought but finally capitulated or would not be confirmed. I have no idea why I did it. I see it still as they were not going to push me into a name I didn't want, but they won.

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