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Full Version: Wish List if Cardinal Burke is ever elected Pope
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Name one thing. Has to be in the realm of possibility and somewhat realistic.

-TLM mandatory once a Sunday for all parishes, all diocese, mid morning mass, say 10am, and enforce it. A good start.

Mandate all reception of the Blessed Sacrament on the tongue and kneeling.
In all Latin Rite Masses.
Order a review of all NO Masses to stamp out liturgical abuses.
Ban the use of female altar servers.
Reassume the presidency of the CDF and put the Secretariat of State in its place.
Begin consecrating bishops and ordaining priests himself in the old rite as Bishop of Rome. Celebrate the old mass during 'Extraordinary' solemnities (Christmas, Easter) so as to underscore its particular usefulness for such events.
The Papal Tiara (or Crown.)

[Image: Palatinetiara.jpg]
I can see Cardinal Burke bringing the tiara back. It's his style.
I would hope for an immediate decree requiring all seminaries to teach all new priests the TLM exclusively. That is the only sensible way to phase out the NO. Requiring priests who don't want to pray the TLM to do so would be a train wreck imo.

Also, restore the minor orders.
Infallibly define the Catholic Church as the sole true Church of Christ, which would sound the death knell for false ecumenism.

Condemn religious liberty (i.e. Dignitatis Humanæ).

Reaffirm the monarchical constitution of the Catholic Church.

Reaffirm the correct order of ends of Holy Matrimony (1. propagation and education of children; 2. mutual comfort, aid against concupiscence).

Speaking of seminaries, bring back Scholastic philosophy and theology.
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