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Full Version: Beatles "Mass"
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I probably should've posted this in the "Judaism, Zionism, Other Religions, Cults & Spiritual Movements" sub-forum because it's a LUTHERAN "Mass," but it's too close to some of the Novus Ordo Masses out there to not post here. I got no words, folks. Just wow.

Sad thing is I'm guessing a couple dozen priests will see this video and think "Wow, how great would that be if we did this at one of our Masses?"

And what a horrendous way to ruin that song...
Is that a woman priest? This is definately not a Catholic mass. "Mass" presided over by a woman "priest" is not a valid mass.
(01-11-2013, 05:45 AM)Poche Wrote: [ -> ]Is that a woman priest? This is definately not a Catholic mass. "Mass" presided over by a woman "priest" is not a valid mass.

No, Vox said it is a Lutheran service.
I realize that this is a heretical protestant thing, but I had to stop it after 21 seconds.
At our 8th grade May Crowning (1970) we sang "Let it Be." Our teachers (semi habited Sisters of Charity) came up with the idea. We just thought it was cool. The monsignor had no idea so he let it be. It's hard to believe people are still mixing pop culture with sacred liturgy...I know it was sometimes done in medieval times, though. But they had better pop culture than do we..
It makes it plain as the nose on our faces, the Beatles were a nice little band which became very good in time, but please they never took themselves this seriously. It make me think back when John Lennon said the Beatles were bigger than Jesus Christ. While everyone twisted that to their purposes, the fact remains culturally they were huge. Here's a Lutheran many many years later without an original thought in her head falling back on this little diddy. Even Martin Luther with his preoccupation with excrement and doing his best thinking on the can, would have said Oh shit !

I once went to Mass in a Fransiscan parish in Scottsdale Arizona, and they used a "Yes" cover band as the "choir"

Imagine hearing "Close to the Edge" as the Offertory hymn.
They are so passe they don't know what edgey means.

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