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Full Version: Can anyone tell me where the TLM is offered in Paris, France?
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My mother and sister are going to Paris France this April and my mother wants to find a regularised TLM parish there.

Other than St Nicholas du Chardonnet, does anyone know of a TLM parish there, and its address?

Thank you.
There is an FSSP parish in Versailles but that is a little bit outside of Paris. I am not sure about things inside the City proper though.
There seem to be quite a few options listed here:
I highly recommend the Institute of the Good Shepherd (Institut du Bon Pasteur).

here are their mass times :
they are located at 2 rue Saint-Joseph 75002 PARIS, M├ętro Sentier (ligne 3) or Grands Boulevards (lignes 8 et 9)
here is a map location :
Thank you.
This certainly helps.
When you get there, make sure you introduce yourself as Vieux Loup de Mer.
Of those on wikimissa, the ones where the TLM has the most prominent place are
St. Odile and
Both have TLMs on Sunday morning despite being normal parishes. One even has more TLMs than NOs in total.