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Full Version: 5th Marian Dogma
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Here's a petition page where you can petition the Holy Father to proclaim Mary as our Spiritual Mother.

Video on the petition:


Added on back end, but added here too:



Of COURSE, it is impossible for man's whims, popular opinion, etc to decide doctrine, dogma, and other things in whatever categories.

This petition is nothing more than asking the Holy Father to proclaim what is already true, if indeed it is true, in a verbage which the Holy Spirit allows.

It has nothing to do with voting, popular opinion, etc. I do not believe, for example, that a petition to the Holy Father to proclaim something outside of doctrinal truth is OK, or that he even could.

This petition is based on the basic truths first, as the foundation. It's not based on anything as laid out in protest below.

Sheesh people, get a grip.
She already is our Spiritual mother.
He will not proclaim anything. He does not want to hurt the susceptibilities of our "protestant brethren".
A petition?  Shocked

Since when are the immutable Truths of the Faith dependent upon democracy?
(01-17-2013, 10:18 AM)Servus Immaculatae Wrote: [ -> ]A petition?  Shocked

Since when are the immutable Truths of the Faith dependent upon democracy?

This all over.

I think there was a petition floating around a few months ago or something.  Probably something begging the bishops to not totally betray the faith.

Be careful SMKMI.  I don't know what you mean by "proclaim" but the idea that dogma or doctrine in any way is part of man's collective conscience, due to change at his own whim is the heart of modernism.  Voting on Church teaching, majority rules, etc.  This is not Catholic, friend.
(01-17-2013, 05:16 AM)Jacafamala Wrote: [ -> ]She already is our Spiritual mother.

If she wasn't, such a dogmatic definition would be impossible, since the the Holy Spirit was given to the Roman Pontiffs not so they could make known a new doctrine, but to defend and expound upon the deposit of faith.

That being said, I don't see the point of a definition in this regard.  Such papal definitions are called "extraordinary" for a reason. When the ordinary means fail to bring about the proper unity of faith on a point or points, the Pope should definitively settle the matter and call all back to the unity of faith, so these truths once again can be handed on by the ordinary means throughout the world.  The idea of the Motherhood of Mary in relation to Christians does not seem to be a confused topic in the Church--whereas I can think of other topics that would be more suitable for a definition.  In regards to Mary, her role as Mediatrix of all Grace is probably more misunderstood and even forgotten among the rank and file and is probably therefore a better topic for a definitive judgment (although, I'm not sure if it could be considered a strictly revealed truth; it's more likely a truth intrinsically connected to revelation).
Petitioning the supreme judge of the doctrine of the faith for a judgment on a doctrine of the faith is not new or bad.  The Pope is not omniscient.  Many doctrinal judgment in history have been petitioned for. In fact, the First Vatican Council mentions this in Pastor Aeternus, Chapter 4.4. 

On the other hands, demanding the judge make a particular judgment based on the number of persons petitioning for it, or the petitioners not accepting the judgment afterward, would of course be improper. The definition on the Assumption, for example, was petitioned.

I haven't seen the video, so I'm not sure what is happening here.
Pastor Aeternus, 4.4 Wrote:It was for this reason that the bishops of the whole world, sometimes individually, sometimes gathered in synods, according to the long established custom of the Churches and the pattern of ancient usage referred to this Apostolic See those dangers especially which arose in matters concerning the faith. This was to ensure that any damage suffered by the faith should be repaired in that place above all where the faith can know no failing.

There is a massive difference between bishops referring to the Holy See for a judgement on an unclear issue of faith or morals, and the laity petitioning the Holy Father demanding that he solemnly proclaim a Dogma of the Faith.

The former is the episcopate doing their job to ensure the same Catholic Faith is taught universally; the latter is the laity grossly infected with the Protestant spirit of democracy and Relativism.

Then the blame should lie with Pope Bl. Pius IX for saying petitons from the faithful to define the Immaculate Conception brought him joy or  Pope Pius XII for encouraging such behavior when he said receiving peitions from every class of people in the Church was an important aspect of his decision to define the Assumption (for the record, I don't think this is problematic):

Bl. Pius IX Wrote:These petitions were renewed in these our own times; they were especially brought to the attention of Gregory XVI, our predecessor of happy memory, and to ourselves, not only by bishops, but by the secular clergy and religious orders, by sovereign rulers and by the faithful.

Mindful, indeed, of all these things and considering them most attentively with particular joy in our heart, as soon as we, by the inscrutable design of Providence, had been raised to the sublime Chair of St. Peter -- in spite of our unworthiness -- and had begun to govern the universal Church, nothing have we had more at heart -- a heart which from our tenderest years has overflowed with devoted veneration and love for the most Blessed Virgin -- than to show forth her prerogatives in resplendent light.

Pius XII Wrote:6. Thus, when it was solemnly proclaimed that Mary, the Virgin Mother of God, was from the very beginning free from the taint of original sin, the minds of the faithful were filled with a stronger hope that the day might soon come when the dogma of the Virgin Mary's bodily Assumption into heaven would also be defined by the Church's supreme teaching authority.

7. Actually it was seen that not only individual Catholics, but also those who could speak for nations or ecclesiastical provinces, and even a considerable number of the Fathers of the Vatican Council, urgently petitioned the Apostolic See to this effect.

8. During the course of time such postulations and petitions did not decrease but rather grew continually in number and in urgency. In this cause there were pious crusades of prayer. Many outstanding theologians eagerly and zealously carried out investigations on this subject either privately or in public ecclesiastical institutions and in other schools where the sacred disciplines are taught. Marian Congresses, both national and international in scope, have been held in many parts of the Catholic world. These studies and investigations have brought out into even clearer light the fact that the dogma of the Virgin Mary's Assumption into heaven is contained in the deposit of Christian faith entrusted to the Church. They have resulted in many more petitions, begging and urging the Apostolic See that this truth be solemnly defined.

9. In this pious striving, the faithful have been associated in a wonderful way with their own holy bishops, who have sent petitions of this kind, truly remarkable in number, to this See of the Blessed Peter. Consequently, when we were elevated to the throne of the supreme pontificate, petitions of this sort had already been addressed by the thousands from every part of the world and from every class of people, from our beloved sons the Cardinals of the Sacred College, from our venerable brethren, archbishops and bishops, from dioceses and from parishes.

10. Consequently, while we sent up earnest prayers to God that he might grant to our mind the light of the Holy Spirit, to enable us to make a decision on this most serious subject, we issued special orders in which we commanded that, by corporate effort, more advanced inquiries into this matter should be begun and that, in the meantime, all the petitions about the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary into heaven which had been sent to this Apostolic See from the time of Pius IX, our predecessor of happy memory, down to our own days should be gathered together and carefully evaluated.(3)

11. And, since we were dealing with a matter of such great moment and of such importance, we considered it opportune to ask all our venerable brethren in the episcopate directly and authoritatively that each of them should make known to us his mind in a formal statement. Hence, on May 1, 1946, we gave them our letter "Deiparae Virginis Mariae," a letter in which these words are contained: "Do you, venerable brethren, in your outstanding wisdom and prudence, judge that the bodily Assumption of the Blessed Virgin can be proposed and defined as a dogma of faith? Do you, with your clergy and people, desire it?"
Regardless of such past niceties (and that's all they are, petitions of the laity did not get any dogmas proclaimed, need for clarity did, under strict guidance of the Holy Ghost), this particular situation reeks of Modernism.

The "apparition" at Amsterdam was approved by a Dutch bishop who was entrenched in gnosticism and esotericism before his "conversion." He is also one of the leading champions of the false "apparitions" at Medjugorje.

The prayer of the "apparition" was declared incompatible with the True Faith by the CDF in 2005. The original prayer referred to "Our Lady of All Nations, who once was Mary" as though she is no longer Mary. Our Lady would not speak revelations that contradict her own existence.

The "apparition" claims that declaration of the fifth dogma will bring a reign of peace to the world. This seems to be competing with Our Lady of Fatima's demand that Russia be consecrated to her Immaculate Heart, that peace may reign in the world.

Seems to me like this is little more than a distraction meant to help us forget that the consecration Our Lady of Fatima demanded has not happened yet. There is no need for a dogmatic proclamation of the Blessed Virgin as our spiritual mother; there is very little to no disputation of that fact. There is a need for Russia to be consecrated: the errors of socialism and atheism continue to spread, and whole nations are on the verge of annihilation.
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