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Full Version: Loyal Dog Attends Mass Waiting for Owner to Return
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I'm not sure how appropriate it is to allow a dog at Mass but it sure does make for a moving scene. This also reminded me of that famous image of the fallen Navy SEAL's Labrador retriever that laid next to his casket refusing to leave.

Loyal dog attends mass every day at church where owner's funeral was held, waiting for her to return
By Nick Pisa, 16 January 2013

[Image: dog2_zps2270ce22.jpg]

A heartbroken dog whose owner died two months ago is missing her so much he is attending services at the Italian church where her funeral was held patiently waiting for her to return.

Loyal Tommy, a seven-year-old German Shepherd, belonged to Maria Margherita Lochi, 57, and had been her faithful companion after she adopted him when she found him abandoned in fields close to her home.

Mrs Lochi adopted several strays she found but friends said she developed a particular close affection for Tommy and would walk to church with him from her home every day - where the priest would allow him to sit patiently by her feet.

Following her death at San Donaci near Brindisi, a funeral service was held at which Tommy joined mourners and since then he has been a regular at the church arriving on time when the bells ring out to mark the start of services.

Father Donato Panna said:''He's there every time I celebrate Mass and is very well behaved - he doesn't make a sound, I've not heard one bark from him in all the time he has been coming in.

'He used to come to Mass with Maria and he was obviously devoted to her - I let him stay inside as he was always so well behaved and none of the other parishoners ever complained to me.

'He's still coming to Mass even after Maria's funeral, he waits patiently by the side of the altar and just sits there quietly. I didn't have the heart to throw him out - I've just recently lost my own dog so I leave him there until Mass finishes and then I let him out.

'Tommy's been adopted by everyone in the village now and he is everybody's friend. Everyone looks out for him and leaves food for him - although it would be nice to find a proper home for him.'

The story of Tommy is similar to the 2009 Hollywood blockbuster Hachi starring Richard Gere which told of how a faithful Akita dog waits patiently for his master after he also dies.

It was based on the true story of a Japanese Akita called Hachiko, whose owner died in 1925 but for the next nine years he waited patiently at a railway station for his owner from where they regularly caught a train.
He should've stayed in the vestibule. Never-the-less, I want that dog. Gimme that dawg!

Cry(  This story reminds me of Greyfriar's Bobby ( So sweet, so sad. That poor little broken-hearted doggy...

While I don't think animals belong in churches as a rule, I'm with the priest in making an exception in this case as long as the dog is well-behaved and not in the sanctuary. It'd be cruel to do otherwise, and this is a dog to learn from. A true "Fido"  sad(
I think the priest should adopt him. Seems fitting.  Smile
tommy, vieni qui. povero cane.

(01-18-2013, 10:01 PM)Deidre Wrote: [ -> ]I think the priest should adopt him. Seems fitting.  Smile


Apparently, the dog's name is actually Ciccio. Not sure where "Tommy" came from in that article...  But whatever his name, I hope he has a happy doggy life, poor little guy sad
I bet he's a Dominican  Grin
(01-19-2013, 05:40 AM)Whitey Wrote: [ -> ]I bet he's a Dominican   Grin

No, he's definitely a Franciscan. The Seraphic Father converted all the canines. Remember Frate Lupo?
(01-19-2013, 10:49 AM)Servus Immaculatae Wrote: [ -> ]
(01-19-2013, 05:40 AM)Whitey Wrote: [ -> ]I bet he's a Dominican   Grin

No, he's definitely a Franciscan. The Seraphic Father converted all the canines. Remember Frate Lupo?

I dunno 'bout that .......

In the earliest narrative source, by Jordan of Saxony, Dominic's parents are not named. The story is told that before his birth his barren mother made a pilgrimage to Silos[citation needed] and dreamed that a dog leapt from her womb carrying a torch in its mouth, and "seemed to set the earth on fire". This story is likely to have emerged when his order became known, after his name, as the Dominican order, in Latin is Dominicanus and by a play of words was interpreted as Domini canis: "Dog of the Lord." ..

[Image: shrine2.jpg]

[Image: saint-dominic-guzman-with-dog-and-star.jpg]

I associate St Francis with little birds  Grin
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