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Full Version: What role has Our Lady played in your spiritual life?
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In the interest of advancing the cause of more spiritual discussion....

For me, I feel like I am a Catholic because of the Blessed Virgin. I grew up nominally NO-Catholic. I hated it. I thought I hated the Faith, but in reality I had just never learned the complete Faith. By the time I was 12 or 13 I refused to go to Mass anymore and began to identify as an "atheistic agnostic." I got into punk rock. Real punk rock. Like these guys:
[Image: The-Casualties.jpg]

A few years back I started falling into a deep depression. I knew I was missing something in my life. Something big. I started getting this feeling every morning when I woke up that I should be going to Church. I thought I was going crazy. Finally, I decided I would go to Mass, hoping that I would see how crazy I was, and at least be convinced that there was nothing at Church for me.

The opposite happened. I immediately knew I was headed in the right direction. But I also knew that actually coming back into the Church meant I would have to confess my sins. The thought horrified me. I had a lot of very wicked sins on my soul, and I didn't really trust that God would forgive me. I fell back into despair.

The only prayer I could remember from childhood was the Hail Mary. So, I started praying the Hail Mary constantly. I started to wonder about the meaning of it. I had never even thought about why we pray to Mary as a child, just blindly followed along. I started searching around on the internet, and eventually came upon the video of Fr Steven Scheier's interview with Mother Angelica, about how he died and faced the Judgement as a wicked priest, but Our Lady convinced her Son to give Fr another chance:

I have no idea if Fr Scheier's testimony is really true, but either way, the Lord used it for good in my case. I felt confident that Mary would be a loving Mother for me as well. I still wasn't sure if I trusted God's mercy yet, but I knew that I could depend on the Blessed Virgin to help plead my case. I went to confession. It was the greatest experience so far in my life.

I began to view my conversion like a child learning to cross the street, tightly clenching his mother's hand.  I quickly bought a Rosary and re-learned how to pray it. Since then there has never been a moment when I didn't have a Rosary within an arm's reach (That's not to say I pray it as often or as well as I should, but I am trying). I have worn the Miraculous Medal since November 27, 2011. I began praying the Little Office at the same time.

The Blessed Virgin Mary has been the absolute central role in my prayer life, always leading me towards her Divine Son. Everything good that I have done, or that has happened to me, has been the result of Our Lady's intercession.
[Image: september-8-blessed-virgin-mary-birthday.jpg]

How about the rest of you? What role has the Blessed Mother of God played in your spiritual life?
Making de Montfort's Total Consecration to Mary was a life-changing experience. Her intercession helped redfine a great many concepts of my life that just weren't conducive to growing closer to Christ.
Many moons ago - in the midst of the dark years, for some reason or other, I went to my grandfather's grave. The image if the miraculous medal was on it. Stuck with me somehow. Forward a couple of years and first big crisis (read spiritual 2 x 4) came along and brought me to ky knees - and the one thing I remembered from way back when - the rosary and the miraculous medal. First steps back...thank you Mary.

Flash forward few years, " conservative catholic " discovering the faith via catholic answers and what not. fella on their message board by screen name of Church Militant convinced me to join st maximillian kolbe's militia of the Immaculata. Joined and made consecration on Feast day of Our Lady of Fatima.... bout one month later, stumbled into my first Latin mass quite by chance. ..who was there but the traveling statue of our lady of Fatima. Soooo  - not only do I credit Our Lady with saving my butt, but also with guiding me to the Traditional Catholic faith.

Methinks I owe a wee bit of gratitude to my grandfather as well Wink

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There is a closeness to God I never felt till I became devoted to His mother. When I was a little boy I grew up in a horribly dysfunctional family and I used to be terrified at night in the dark and I knew the hail mary...and when I was afraid I would say them over and over till I fell asleep ofr the fear left. Back then I wasnt really thinking spiritually I admit it was more of an incantation to ward off evil....but  somehow now I know the heart of Mary (mysterious unwarrented grace) and I know she could have never despised the prayers of a small scared and lonely litlle boy (tears in my eyes as I write this)...even if I was saying them from a "wrong" thinking. Mary is the core of my Faith in doubt about it...and I cant really explain it.
Yep, she's key here too. That's all.
If I make it to heaven, I will have to thank Our Lady for all eternity for it was she who brought about my reconversion.

Yes, the St. Louis de Montfort was also a gigantic step  in my spiritual life and I have gone on from there.  Fell in love with St. Maximilian Kolbe and these wonderful Marian intercessors have obtained many graces for me.

I remain under Our Lady's mantle.
When I was  a young mother, I was feeling overwhelmed by the responsibility of raising children.  I turned to the example of Our Lady.  Also I depended on her prayers to make up for my failures.
I went to the TLM for the first time on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. I made my First Confession for my conversion on the Feast of the Annunciation. There is more, but that gives the gist of it for me.
Our Lady pretty much is my spiritual life.

I try to balance my prayers by praying to the Trinity as well, pending the situation.

Great thread !
The more my faith is deepened the more I love Our Lady, especially under the aspect of Our Lady of Sorrows. I think that should I make it to Heaven at all it will be because of the prayers of Our Lady. She is an advocate like no other.
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