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Full Version: Bad memory in need of help.
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I remember reading in the OT a story where God Almighty commands the Israelites to bring some local tribe into the Temple. He tells them to give them strong drink. They refuse to drink, and are asked why. They reply that their fathers forbade them and they obey until today. Then God upbraids the Israelites saying He wished they were as faithful as the tribe. Next he promises the tribe they will always have an advocate before his throne. Some how this is tied to Miriam in the Exodus.

I remember this but can not find it, and I've looked but have not re-read the entire OT. I'm frustrated and I hope someone remembers where this is fom even if I read it in apocraphyl book. It gets me whing dhingy. I'm beginning to think my mind made it up.

Nazarites?  ??? Just a guess.    :Hmm:

Jeremiah 35. The tribe was the Rechabites.
Thank you ! I was losing it over this.

It is in the Book of Jeremiah