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Full Version: 30,000 angels turn up at Sydney demo for East Timor Independence.
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Four years ago I joined an online community called HubPages to try to make some money online.  I never did make any so I figured seeing it was a rather secular community (to say the least) I posted some hubs that I thought they could use.  So I made hubs with titles like "Holy Eucharist", "Hail Mary", "Bible History", "Miraculous Medal", "Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima", "Saint Patrick's Breastplate", "Silent Night Christmas truce" and "Angel prayers".  My Angel prayers hub got the most comments, they seemed to like it.

But that's not why I am posting here.  I receive an e-mail when someone comments on one of my hubs.  Today I received an e-mail saying that someone had commented on my Angel prayers hub so I went there to post a reply.  While doing so I noticed that someone had posted a comment 5 months ago that I must have missed.  The comment from 5 months ago just had the link with the text "true angel story".  So I opened the link to read the true angel story and thought it was such a beautiful amazing story I had to share it.  Enjoy.


Source -

30,000 angels turn up at Sydney demo for East Timor Independence.

It turns out that the many demonstrations around the country against Indonesia's failure to honour the East Timor independence vote were attracting crowds of between 500 and 1500 people in this country, Australia.....the media reports for this particular rally however put the crowd variously  at 20,000 , 30,000 and 100,000 with no particular explanation for the increase. It was just stated as a matter of fact.The true number I believe was 30,000 +

This  occurred on 11th September can look it up on the net under  East Timor Rally Sydney.

At that very time Indonesian soldiers were on a deliberate, planned rampage to destroy East Timor, after the overwhelming, sucessful Independence vote. Meanwhile the rest of the world, astonishingly, including politicians stood by allowing it to happen expecting and accepting the worst.

1200 people, certainly no more, gathered in Sydney for the protest march. Like the previous marches in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and other capital cities of Australia, the numbers reflected the apathy of the community generally to this vile injustice which seemed to be crowning the twenty-five year, 300,000 martyr cost, of East Timor's struggle for independence.

The march did an almost complete circle  through the city.

On the third leg of the march, in the widest street in the city, an extraordinarily large contingent of the international and national media, given the size of the march which was similar to the others held around the country, was present, with their cameras spread out  almost across the full width of the  street, about one third of the way up the hill, preventing our progress temporarily -presumeably for  panoramic photo shoots, including video film of the marchers as they entered then paused in front of the cameras in Bridge St.

The streets were deserted on that weekend,apart from the marchers, there were almost no bystanders but I saw a few watching from higher levels through I presume office windows.

I reached the cameras and came to a halt like everyone else. I was near the cameras at the front of the march for some reason. I looked around -  in awe of what I was seeing. From wall to wall, this extensive street was packed all the way back to the end, and still they kept coming around the corner, in waves, walking casually and with ease and casually dressed, not  looking at each other, one row at a time as they came around the corner, but still managing to keep a perfectly straight line as they did so, without any effort, wave after wave of perfectly straight lines like the second hand of a clock tracing a 90 degree arc, from the 12 position to the three position.
There was a power, a spiritual power, of love which you could feel which emanated with each wave, it was powerful, yet measured, restrained - which overcame you. As I turned away after some time and with Bridge St already chock full as I mentioned they were still coming. A number of thirty thousand came to mind. ( later I did an estimate using the estimated width of the road, wall to wall of the buildings either side of it, the distance back to the start of the street and allowing so much for each person and the result I got, first time, was still exactly 30,000!
I did not see any females, from memory. I say from memory because I did not SPECIFICALLY think about it at the time.

At the end of the march where more speeches were given in a mall the number stood at even less than the original estimated 1500, about half that number. Amazingly, no one (except myself) seemed to notice that the 30,000 had now disappeared!

Back to the beginning of the story - I checked the reaction of others near me at the first sight. First the person standing next to me, near the cameras, one of the original marchers. When he turned his jaw dropped in total awe and incomprehension, overcome at the sight. A similar story for others close by.

The 30,000 appeared only for the cameras ....whose pictures went out across the globe.  The effect was like lightning - sparking a reaction which cannot be explained.

The Australian Prime Minister who had heretofore stood by, with the rest of the world,  saying the relationship with Indonesia was important and had to be preserved, or something to that effect, had a complete turnaround  - saying words to the effect;- "to hell with the relationship", or "bugger the relationship", emotionally and in typical Aussie fashion,  and IMMEDIATELY began mobilizing Australian troops to head to East Timor. This led and composed most of a UN force onto the island, again at vitually lightening speed. They met with NO resistence. on the island from the rampaging, pillagers and murderers who suddenly withdrew.
Bill Clinton, the then President of the United States it was reported, threatened to collapse the Indonesian economy through a withdrawal of International loans or cessation of aid, or some such, if they did not back off.....this was unprecedented in International relations.

Back at the march. I knew immediately these 30,000 did not come from nowhere and
suspected they may be angels. To test this I quickly decided to zero in on one and their study their reaction. I immediately found that he was instantly aware of my attention, even in a crowd of 30,000 and despite the fact that I chose someone at some distance.

At the  front  of this crowd, quite near me, together in a row, were  seven equally spiritually superior beings to the rest, and similar appearance even, amongst themselves. They were in front of the rest but not separated from them by any distance at all. I could see with my minds eye, or spiritual eye, whatever, that they were deprived temporarily of their normal glory....and wings.

Before this I decided to pick someone else out of the crowd to look at and as my eyes were heading in his direction the Spirit of God asked me to look at someone else instead and leading me to cast my eyes in  another direction, alighting on another.

The response was instantaneous, electric - loving, in a kind and brotherly way, and  wholehearted . He looked at me, after a  short time of appraisal, caused by my hesitation, and there was a lengthy exchange of a personal but profound and moving nature, which I won't reveal.

  I was to discover later that it had been St Michael. He was not that near and he was not with one of the seven, but he was obviously superior to the whole assembly,spiritually in power, strength and energy. He looked to be in intense prayer with a few angels around him, who seemed very happy and pleased at this, when I first looked at him. This was unusual as the others were not so engaged, indeed there was a rumble of indiscernable but enthusiastic and intriguing chatter, and again it seemed subdued  and/or measured.
A brief time later I also caught the attention of one of the seven who were considerably closer, without anyone between us.I believed they were archangels.
I later came to understand the one whose attention I had caught  was St Raphael. He is a healing angel.

I had prayed during, near the beginning of the march for God's intervention to save East Timor, with all my heart, and several people in the march near me who I didn't  know, overheard my prayer and  joined me, repeating the very same prayer together with me several times, I can't remember now the wording. I knew then however with certainty that God would save East Timor. I  distinctly remembered Christ's words to his Apostles  " I say to you , if two of you agree on earth about anything for which they ask, it shall be done for them by My Father in the  Heavens." ( Mathew 18; 19.)
I know that this was also dependant on the prayer by all concerned being wholeheqrted which it was.

I would like East Timor to know  whose hand reached out to them at that time, God 's hand, and saved them - through His instruments,the angels & remembering  the cost of 300,000 martyrs, in their struggle for independence - that they may give thanks, and invite the hand of God  once again to intervene in the affairs of their nation - and for it to become a great nation, as God meant it to be and as the people so deserve.

I would  like a shrine in East Timor to be built to honour these angels, who even now are on film somewhere , interesting.

I would like America to seize this moment also;  knowing that  whenever two or more are gathered to  pray with all their heart, whatever they ask, it WILL be granted.

It is interesting to note I remember that there is mention in the Old Testament somewhere, of 30,000 angels who fought a battle for the Israelites. Definitely remember reading that during my once time only cover to cover reading, as for some reason it really stuck in my mind.
Imagine the Prime Minister of Australia ordering and being shown the full tape of the march only to be astonished that ALL the angels (30,000)  came into Martin Place in the manner described - one row at a time, evenly spaced, like the second hand of a clock moving 90 degrees from the 12  through to the 3 position,  time after time, after time; in perfect straight lines, despite walking casually and without looking at each other but looking straight ahead and with total ease, even though each would of necessity have to be walking at a slightly different speed to the person next to maintain a perfect straight line turning from George St into Bridge St - a physical impossibility for humans. Any wonder it, in whatever way, motivated him and Clinton into action. (Clinton would also have been shown the footage, in my view)

"And is there care in Heaven? and is there love
In heavenly spirits to these creatures base,
that may compassion of their evils move?
there is:- else much more wretched were the case
Of men than beasts: but O! th'exceeding grace
Of highest God, that loves His creatures so,
and all His works with mercy doth embrace,
that blessed angels he sends to and fro,
to serve to wicked man, to serve his foe!

How oft do they their silver bowers leave
To come to succour us that succour want!
How oft do they with golden pinions cleave
the flitting skies, like flying pursuivant,
against foul fiends to aid us militants!
they for us fight, they watch and duly ward,
and their bright squadrons round about us plant;
and all for love and nothing for reward:
O, why should heavenly God to men have such regard?"

Edmund Spencer The Ministry of angels"


After reading this I went to the person's main hub page to thank him for posting this on my Angel prayers hub and found that he never did post any hub pages himself.  As if he just joined HubPages so he could post this beautiful angel story on my Angel prayers hub.
Sorry but this doesnt seem to be particularly likely.
Whatever TrentCath.  I thought it was a nice story so I figured I'd share it.
I can see it happening.

Also, some background on East Timor is helpful.

Al Qaeda had, in part, East Timor as a reason for their actions. "U.S. support for the creation of an independent East Timor from territory previously held by Muslim Indonesia", specifically. (Michael Scheuer, CIA)

Bin Laden placed this as reason #3 for their actions:

Quote: We warned Australia before not to join in [the war] in Afghanistan, and [against] its despicable effort to separate East Timor.

It ignored the warning until it woke up to the sounds of explosions in Bali.

The majority of the population in East Timor is Roman Catholic, and is one of two Asian countries with such a predominant representation of the Church:

The islamic Indonesian government, and the islamists outside the government, were seeking to subjugate the Catholics.

The situation did indeed turn around seemingly overnight and while I cannot confirm any pictures of this march (the search terms used thus far are too general), if this march and its pictures had such an effect, it fits with the claim.

When muslims seek to harm Catholics and the Catholics appeal to Our Lady and Jesus, muslim butt gets whooped big-time.

And then the muzzies throw a hissy and let some kidney-disease addled psychopath like Bin Laden show the true colors of islam: te attempt by Satan to destroy Catholicism.

Rosary trumps all, and the "...Lord is a Man of War, Almighty is his name." (Exodus 15:3).

Momma be stomping Indonesian serpents, yo.
(02-06-2013, 03:26 PM)mikemac Wrote: [ -> ]Whatever TrentCath.  I thought it was a nice story so I figured I'd share it.

No need to get snarky, just saying.
(02-06-2013, 04:13 PM)TrentCath Wrote: [ -> ]
(02-06-2013, 03:26 PM)mikemac Wrote: [ -> ]Whatever TrentCath.  I thought it was a nice story so I figured I'd share it.

No need to get snarky, just saying.

I wasn't getting snarky.  To each his own.
Not only probably but likely. East Timor had no friends and the state of internalional geo-politics at the time was "who cares".  It is almost entirely Catholics, and as the guy says he prayed, and who else would come to their rescue ?


Thanks SMKMI.  I remember praying for the Catholics of East Timor back in the 1990s.

"In late 1975, East Timor declared its independence, but later that year was invaded and occupied by Indonesia and was declared Indonesia's 27th province the following year. In 1999, following the United Nations-sponsored act of self-determination, Indonesia relinquished control of the territory and East Timor became the first new sovereign state of the 21st century on May 20, 2002."

After reading about the young Marine receiving help from St. Michael during the Korean War I can see it happening too SMKMI.  Today I found this video about Michael's letter.  The guy on the video recites Michael's letter to his Mom so well I added it to my Angel prayers hub.

I think we need stories like these once in awhile to inspire us.        
(02-06-2013, 04:28 PM)Tim Wrote: [ -> ]Not only probably but likely. East Timor had no friends and the state of internalional geo-politics at the time was "who cares".  It is almost entirely Catholics, and as the guy says he prayed, and who else would come to their rescue ?


Exactly Tim.  98 percent of the population of East Timor is Catholic.
(02-06-2013, 03:11 PM)TrentCath Wrote: [ -> ]Sorry but this doesnt seem to be particularly likely.

Why do you say that?  Don't you believe in angels?  Don't you believe in miracles?

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