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Full Version: Stations of the Cross Scroll Box
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Has anyone else seen one of these or have one? It's basically what it sounds like: a box where you can scroll through the Stations of the Cross.

I came across one a couple years ago at a sidewalk sale and bought it on impusle for a couple bucks (I had never seen one before).  Doing a little research, the model I have appears to have been from 1904.  It's a great way to do the Stations at home, but from what I can tell they weren't too popular as they seem pretty rare (I could be wrong).

The one I have looks pretty much just like this but more beat up (it's probably a little over two feet tall):

EDIT: image was failing
Interesting! I don't see the picture though...
Hmm, not sure why.  Here's a site with better pictures anyway:
I cant see the pic either.  Nor can I see the pic in your sig line or avatar.  All three pics have an error message.
Well that's certainly weird.  I changed the image to a link to a website in the OP.
Very nice! I didn't even know what that was! :) Neat! :tiphat:
I checked out the link.  That is awesome man.  You are lucky to find it.