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Full Version: Parish Used Book Sales
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After Mass at the FSSP parish I go to, there was a used book sale going on and I found some great titles to add to my library.

Fr. Lasance "Blessed Sacrament" from 1913 in great condition for it's age=$3
A Latin grammar book for seminarians from the 1940's=$2
A copy from the 1940's of The Rule of St. Benedict in great shape=$2
2 books of St. Bernard of Clairvaux ("On the Song of Songs" and "Selected Letters") from the 1940's=$2 each
Imitation of Mary-Thomas Kempis from the 1950's (paperback)=.50 cents

and there were quite a few others. I spent about $20 and got spiritual gold that is priceless. What have been some of the finds that you have had at parish book sales (or non parish book sales) of great old Catholic books? There were so many books I felt like I could've spent another hour there and found alot more. Spiritual treasure hunting is fun! It's so cool being Catholic!