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Full Version: Speculation Regarding the Holy Father: The Grand Monarch
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There are many possible convergences regarding our time.  Some that immediately come to mind:

- The likely impending financial rerun of 2008, that will likely be more severe and longer lasting

- As a corollary to the above point, the US government is now locked in a ritual of threatening tax hikes and sequestration.  Indeed, they did raise taxes (by eliminating the Payroll cut.)

- Western society at breakneck speed is imposing evil on everyone in the form of contraception and forced embrace of homosexuality

- Rock-bottom birth rates

- Disastrous apostasy from the Church.  Youth are literally snapping off of the vine, no matter the claim that young people are rushing to the Faith.

- Many, many Churchmen have absolutely no faith in the supernatural

- Liberal forces suddenly were demanding immediate canonization of John Paul II and beatifications of Paul VI and John Paul I.  This insane kamikaze-like attempt to destroy the nascent restoration is transparently a ploy to 'canonized the Council' and all the horrific confusion that has come from it. 

- The Gospel has been preached to every nation on Earth

- Man has severed his tie to the rhythm of creation and has replaced the supernatural with the techno-virtual

- The 'Greatest Generation' and their offspring are demanding unprecedented benefits and payments, while having crafted a society that makes it virtually impossible for young workers to enter the economy, let alone become self-sufficient.

- Social acceptance of public pornography, bestiality, and pagan sex-cult style activities (just look at the pop chart toppers.)

I could continue, but the point is that there are many problems that are grinding us down.  The world, as Charles Coulombe remarked in reference to 2000 years ago, has no place to go.  It is dying.  Like in year 1 BC, Man has turned its back on God.  Unlike in 1 BC, we have had the Incarnation, the Virgin Mother, the Sacraments, a visible Church, etc.  Yet, being who we are, we are trading eternity of pure happiness for an endless cycle of stimulation that leave us empty.

So right, Grand Monarch.  Where does he fit in?

My understanding is that there is a consistent theme in the visions of holy Saints, that a great king would sweep through Europe and Christendom would be re-established.  This king and a holy Pope would restore Catholicism to the world and we would have our period of peace. 

However, it is after this that man falls again and as the world turns on the Monarch and the Church, the final battle between the anti-christ and Our Lord occurs.

So, I think that the suggestion that the next Pope is the 'final' pontiff is prematurely anticipating what is to come.

Rather, I think it is very possible we get a Paul VII, John XXIV or John Paul III.  This next Pope would never actually teach as the Holy Father, but would say many incredible things, destroy clerical celibacy, and force us underground.

Of course, it is possible that we will have a shock in the other direction and an arch-conservative is elected.  It seems our dear Holy Father, Pope Benedict, intends this.

In either event or something in between, I don't see us at the point of 'the end.'  We may have many popes between Benedict XVI and Peter II.  And, between these popes, we will have a Great Leader restore temporal Catholic kingship.