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Full Version: Lent Resources, Books, Meditations, Etc.
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There are some fine featured books on Saints' Books for Lent.

Including, 'Preparation for Lent' and 'Meditations', both books of meditations that are perfect for the season.

A preview of their entirety can be found on Saints' Prayers in the Meditations section.

Books such as 'The Imitation of Christ' and on the subject of the Passion of Our Lord are also very good reading, at any time of year and especially this time.

In the morning it is a highly recommendable practice to spend at least a quarter of an hour meditating on the Passion of Our Lord. If you have not taken up this practice, a time to take it up is the present time.

Books of meditation such as the above, for example, St. Alphonsus Maria de Liguori's, 'The Passion and the Death of Jesus Christ' are very worthwhile and helpful for meditating on the Passion daily.

Let's all have a very holy Lent.

'Begin in the morning, before leaving your room, by meditating, for a quarter of an hour, on the Passion of our Redeemer, and you will see that, all will go well with you, and that you will live far removed from sin.'

St. Paul of the Cross

'I shall conclude this subject with what St. Basil said to his monks: If, my children, we desire to raise the soul towards heaven, let us direct the eyes towards the earth. From the moment we awake in the morning, let us pray continually in the words of holy David: Turn away my eyes, that they may not behold vanity.'

St. Alphonsus Maria de Liguori
Favorite prayers.. poetry.. hymns for Lent..

Here we go..


Why doth the worldling boast
With such vain levity
All whose prosperity
Is of such brevity?

How quickly passeth by
All man's ability!
For like a vase of clay
Is its fragility.

Better trust words on snow,
For durability,
Than the world's fallacies, --
All vain futility.

Specious in virtue's guise,
In truth unbelieving,
Passeth no hour of life
Without its deceiving.

Trust rather holy men
Strict in their verity,
Than the world's wretched slaves
Boasting prosperity --

False in their dreams of life,
All their aims vanity;
False in their fond desires,
All life inanity.

Where is great Solomon,
Once irresistable?
Where now is Samson strong,
Leader invincible?

Or the fair Absalom,
Of face so beautiful?
Or the sweet Jonathan,
In friendship dutiful?

Where has proud Caeser gone,
Lofty, imperial?
Where feasting Dives proud
Of wealth material?

Where gifted Tullius,
Orator eloquent?
Where Aristotle sage
With genius redolent?

All these illustrious chiefs,
All things of ancient time,
Faces of leaders bold,
All acts of kings sublime;

All of earth's princes high, --
These all must take their flight;
All things beneath the sky
Vanish like flash of light.

How quick the festal hours,
How quick earth's glories fade!
All human joy is but
Vapor and fleeting shade.

O food of creeping worms!
O mass of crumbling clay!
O beauty's vanity!
Why boast your proud array?

Ignorant utterly
If thou canst live an hour,
Work all the good thou canst
While life doth give thee power.

This glory of the flesh,
How little it concerns!
When by the sacred word
Flesh unto grass returns.

As the light falling leaf
Is by the wind upborne,
So is the life of man
From its deep roots uptorn.

Nothing regard thine own
Which can be ta'en away;
All that the world hath given
Lasts but a little day.

Think on eternity!
How in the heavenly birth
Can the blest happy be
Longing for things of earth?

THOU on perfect way befalling,
And the sacred cross recalling,
Livest in supreme delight;
On the cross forever thinking.
Be its lessons ever sinking
In thy heart from morn till night!

When thou toilest or reclinest,
Laughest or in sorrow pinest,
Whether thou hast bliss or pain,
When thou walkest, when thou runnest,
Solace seekest, or pain shunnest,
On thy heart the cross retain!

In all trials sore surrounding,
And in miseries abounding,
Find the cross a perfect cure!
When we faint in pain and anguish,
When with weariness we languish.
Stands the cross a refuge sure!

Stands the cross, of heaven the portal,
Through which pass the saints immortal
Who have conquered all below.
The cross is th' elixir precious
Through which God supreme and gracious
Makes his healing mercies flow.

Find the cross the soul's salvation,
True and clear illumination,
It is sweetness, it is light;
Life it is with benediction,
Treasury of all perfection.
Honor, glory, and delight.

In the cross see virtue's mirror,
In the cross safe guide from error,
Without which would hope expire.
Ye distrustful of salvation,
In the cross find consolation.
The fulfilment of desire.

See the cross, the tree embellished,
Which by blood of Christ is cherished;
Full of every fruit it stands
With which hungry souls are nourished.
And in heavenly soil has flourished.
Food for the celestial bands.

Crucified! make me enduring,
For thy death my grief assuring;
Make me weep till I expire!
That with thee I may be wounded,
By thy presence be surrounded.
Through the cross is my desire.