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Full Version: FE Rosary Rally!!!
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I would like to invite other fishies here to join. The intention is to get 1000 Rosaries prayed by Easter for the intention that our new Pope bring the Church back to tradition and the Consecration be done. This is not an extra Rosary, just the intention added onto the one's you are saying now.

We can use this thread to encourage eachother and maybe write something interesting about what you particularly  meditate on during specific mysteries.

Please PM your tallies to me daily, weekly, or whenever. I will post the count often.

(Vox I hope it's ok to call this a FE Rosary Rally. If not I can take out the FE part)

We can do this. Let us be counted as a worthy soldier in Christ's army!
Excellent idea (as I was just about to post in the Pig Roast).

ETA: Should we stick to just a Rosary tally, or other devotions as well?
Oh, one more thing. I am counting one Rosary as 5 decades in one Mystery.
I'm in. 
I have rosary all warmed up!
Yes!  (As a side, it would be neat to send a letter to the Pope)
Great idea...count me in!!!
Count our family in.
Yes you can count me in verenaerin.
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