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Full Version: Earthquake in Rome....
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Whats new? Italy is a volcanic/earthquake zone. They have earthquakes all the time.
Pray, Pray, Pray....
When I first read this I thought is Italy a place accustomed to having earthquakes?
You know when we'll really know God is angry?  When there's an earthquake in California. 

Heed me. 
A 4.8 earthquake is and a meteor shower that didn't kill anyone is clear sign of the end times.
jovan, I know all about Italy's propensity for earthquakes. I'm merely putting it out there. It could be the run of the mill 'quake (I live in California!), but then again, it could be something that everyone should be adding to the list of things to be paying attention to.....
Also what is with a blizzard hitting the Northeast of all places this time of year?
Someone...come on. I merely put it out there.
[Image: PANIC_S.gif]
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