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Full Version: How are you all doing with Lent?
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I'm keeping fast, but due to my youngest daughter's allergies and kids in general being exempt from meat abstinence, my poor wife can't handle a third special diet in the house.

So meat here and there.

How are you all doing with Lent?
I can relate to your daughter, as I have allergies to beans and most grains, as well as hypoglycemia (so I can't fast). I decided the best I can do is abstain from flesh meats, so I'm eating mostly fish as my main meal. I live in Seattle, so it's not too hard. Fish is cheap and of good quality.

Also, I am trying to attend additional Masses and Stations of the Cross. We have an FSSP parish here, so the TLM is celebrated every day, as well as traditional Stations of the Cross.
That's tough.

I am keeping my dietary penances just fine, but I've already failed more than once to keep my commitment to say 3 hours of the breviary each day. It's humbling considering how easy that should be for me.