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Full Version: Cardinal O'Brien now accused of "inappropriate conduct"
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Just saw this come up

Quote:Cardinal O'Brien is now being accused of "inappropriate behavior" by three priests and one ex-priest.
Things are going to get very weird now, I think, because I will bet that the gay lobby in the Church will now try to confuse the characters by accusing decent churchmen. However, this is NOT to say that I think +O'Brien is innocent. In fact I think it is out of his usual character to seem so orthodox all of a sudden. . . .  I hope we get the names of the buggers in the 300-page report, at least. That would be some objective clarity.
Perhaps BXVI's strategy for the re-integration of the SSPX is:

They will be the last men standing..
(02-24-2013, 12:49 AM)Burdensome1 Wrote: [ -> ]Perhaps BXVI's strategy for the re-integration of the SSPX is:

They will be the last men standing..

I've thought similarly but add priests like Fr. Gruner. Then quickly make some Bishops and Consecrate Russia. All done then.

Yeah regulate the SSPX, vindicate Father Gruner, elevate them to Bishops and Cardinals, get rid of the homolobby rot before the conclave, the conclave picks the proper traditional Pope, the Consecration of Russia is done and the restoration to tradition including the TLM is done all in one swoop.  Wouldn't that be something.
Can't say I am surprised, nor do I very much care.

Kind of worn down by all this faggotry in the mainstream Church.

Hierarchy does sod all about it really so it will continue in one form or another to a greater or lesser extent.

Ho hum.  Roll on the Chastisement.
With two high-profile Cardinals (one from L.A. and another from the UK) embroiled in scandal, the Holy Father needs to step in before he retires and address this matter.  Both of these men should be asked not to appear in Rome for the conclave.  I fear there are several more to come...
Restoration,  I think realistically the Holy Father would struggle to step into his bath let alone this mess.

That is why he is retiring at the end of the week.

Apart from clearing out his desk, I doubt he will be doing much at all between now and Friday.
Before anybody jumps to conclusions based on a soundbite, here is a comment I came across on Rorate Caeli:

Seraphic Spouse said...

    Don't mention O'Brien and Mahoney in the same sentence! That little story broke at 10 PM UK time on the Guardian. The GUARDIAN. And right now it is unclear what "inappropriate" acts Cardinal O'Brien is said to have done towards his anonymous male adult accusers who were adults at the time of the alleged "inappropriate" behaviour. Cardinal O'Brien is THE most prominent and reviled of all those in the UK who defend traditional marriage.

    24 February, 2013 09:24
On Sunday I watch a little of all the talking heads on the boob tube. The Matthews crew on NBC spoke of the Conclave but only in terms of since we are alll living longer shouldn't the 80 year old cutoff be lifted.  This is too juicy a story for none of these Catholic bashers to hold their tongues.  My sense is like the vampires they are, they're waiting because if it's just a homosexual cabal they'll need a different angle being pom pom boys for those guys.

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