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Full Version: Cardinal O'Brien resigns and will miss the Conclave
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Saw the following on Rorate-Caeli, looks like things are starting to heat up.

Cardinal O'Brien resigns and will miss the Conclave

Well, following years of being in the defensive for defending the only possible concept of marriage, being the new sweetheart of the British press lasted for only a couple of days for Cardinal O'Brien, who resigned today following allegations of inappropriate behavior and is not going to the Conclave anymore.  (Bollettino publication)

Yes, Cardinal-Electors should not be submitted to undue "pressure", but perhaps they should keep their hip, "modern", opinions meant to shock ordinary Catholics to themselves. And, no, once again the married priesthood, or anti-apostolic post-ordination marriage, would have prevented this mess.

It seems unlikely that O'Brien would have resigned so promptly - making the 2013 conclave the first conclave since 1958 without a representative from England, Wales, or Scotland - without concrete evidence against him in the allegations, forwarded by the Apostolic Nuncio to Rome in early February, before the papal renunciation announcemment.

Cardinal O'Brien resigned last year.  The "wow" here is that the Pope made his resignation effective immediately today.
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Great news!
He was shown to be a liar by advocating for a married latin-rite priesthood eventhough he was made to take a vow promising to uphold the tradition prior to his being named a cardinal.
This is truly a good move by the Holy Father and I am glad he won't be voting in the Conclave!
Whatever "it" is, "it" seems to be working.