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Full Version: Stations of the Cross
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Anyone know where I might download an audio file of  a traditional St. Alphonsus Stations, perhaps with the Stabat Mater?  So far the ones I've listened to sound as though they were recorded in an acoustically dead room,(no ambiance), complete with priestess, guitar, etc...  Perhaps I sound like a bit of a snob but they were not conducive to my meditations. 

And I wanted to say to all of my Fish Eater friends THANK YOU!!      Tip o' the hat    Awhile back  (2011) I posted that my wife left me for another man and I had to teardown my oratory prepatory to my having to move.  Well, your prayers were answered and as it turned out I kept my home and rebuilt the oratory!!  Again THANK YOU!!  and God Bless!!    Pipe