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Full Version: Blackmail and BXVI
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As I try to follow all of the rumours, hearsay, and bits of truth I got to thinking...what is the big deal if BXVI abdicates or not? Why not just make all the proper changes to the church that need to be done without the so-called fear of being blackmailed? The dirt they may or may not have on him doesn't even matter so long as he restores the church to a holy state. Would he go to prison? Be assassinated? Or would the church be virtually destroyed if he didn't retire? I am pretty positive that I'd gladly take a bullet for the restoration of the church if that is all it would take.

Benedict isn't the one being blackmailed.
Then who? I thought it was him being blackmailed as well as a few others that he wants to protect. See? This is what happens when you get your information was blogs!
Benedict isn't the one being blackmailed. The ones being blackmailed are those whose lives are not in conformity with their apostolic calling and who are subject to manipulation as they try to make suer that their secret is secure. Benedict is overwhelmed by the magnitude of the problems and responsabilities and so has decided to step aside to let someone who is younger, stronger and hopefully more able to deal with all of the problems and responsabilities that come with being pope.
For those that know tradecraft, these "blackmails" are the hallmarks of spies, like the KGB. At the bottom of this filth is an infiltration of commies. In the book "Betrayed" Kevane wrote about a homosexual Monsignor Illyich that was working against Kevane. Kevane was implementing a program from Pope Paul VI to get co-operation between the US Bishops and the Latin American Bishops. Monsignor came on to him and admitted he was a homosexual and a communist operative. He was working to organize commie cells ahead of the work that Kuvane was asked to do. This is where the then USCCB's Bishop Bernardin  was pushing Liberation Theology.

Being a fan of Tom Clancy in my youth, when I learned of the homosexual corruption in the Church, I had this thought:

It's a darn good thing this happened mainly AFTER the fall of the Soviet Union.  Can anyone imagine how easily the old, powerful KGB could have run the entire Church if there were a bunch of gay clerics in the curia in the 1950's? 
Actually Bella Dodd told us the preparation for this was long before the 50's.