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Full Version: Laity in El Paso call for Fr. Rodriguez to be bishop
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I just got this email from joe reyes, regarding Fr. Rodriguez and his former parish's faithful in El Paso:


Greetings my brothers and sisters in Christ,

My name is Jose Reyes. I am a Catholic layman from El Paso, TX who is working to recover and restore our Traditional Catholic Faith. A number of us have gotten together and drafted a letter for our ecclesiastical superiors requesting that a very good and holy priest be elevated to the office of bishop, namely Fr. Michael Rodriguez. You may have read some of his articles, heard his sermons online, or watched him on you tube. We would greatly appreciate your support in this effort. We believe the more signatures we can gather, the more impact it may have for our Catholic hierarchy.

We desperately need faithful bishops who will be true to all of the Catholic Church's teachings - in morals, in doctrine, in liturgy, etc.  We need heroic bishops who are willing to teach Christ's truth in the public sphere, even if necessary to reprimand Catholic politicians. We need bishops like those of old who are willing to sacrifice everything for Christ, even their own blood in martyrdom. We need bishops who, above all, are concerned with the glory of God, the exaltation of Holy Mother Church, and the salvation of souls. We want bishops who will be zealous in all these things, and will teach, govern and sanctify the faithful in charity and truth.

We have known Fr. Rodriguez for many years now and are firmly convinced that if he were consecrated a bishop, he would be this kind of bishop.

If you are willing to join our effort then please sign the petition and encourage others to do so as well. I am attaching a pdf copy of the letter which you can print and read, as well as a signature page. Any signatures you collect can then be mailed to me (or scanned and emailed). My contact information is below.

We are presently trying to set up a website to accept more signatures electronically, and when I have that completed, I will email you with that information. But nothing can substitute as impressively as hand written signatures collected individually on many sheets of paper from all over the country and the world.

I, and many other faithful Catholics thank you for your help, support and prayers.

Que viva Cristo Rey, Que viva la Virgen de Guadalupe!

Jose Reyes

2100 Woodfin Dr.

El Paso, TX  79925

January 25, 2013

Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul

His Excellency
Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò
Apostolic Nuncio to the United States
3339 Massachusetts Ave., N.W.
Washington, DC 20008-3687

Your Excellency,

We the undersigned are a group of faithful Catholics from various dioceses, (principally
that of El Paso, Texas). Basing ourselves on Canon law, especially Canon # 212, we
respectfully make our needs known to our superiors. This particular petition will
continue to be promoted and, based on our experience, we expect significantly more
signatures to be forwarded to you in due time.

We have the utmost appropriate respect for our ecclesiastical superiors, and while we
always wish to demonstrate that respect, we also wish to make clear that this is not an
issue of passing importance to us. The selection of the next bishop for the Diocese of El
Paso will have a most profound impact on how the Catholic Faith is lived, how it grows,
and how it is handed-on. Nothing less than the glory of God, exaltation of Holy Mother
Church, and salvation of many souls is at stake in this matter.

Certainly the view from afar and above is different from the view of those who must live
with the results of these sorts of decisions. It would be difficult to exaggerate the
ecclesiastical conditions under which the Faithful have been living for the last number of
decades, and, quite frankly, while we will not under any circumstances abandon Holy
Mother Church, we will, as is our own duty, work with all parties, ecclesiastical or extra-
ecclesiastical, to help rectify the numerous problems in our diocese.

It is in this spirit that we make this attempt to address these problems first through
your esteemed office. We are committed to the restoration and strengthening of Holy
Mother Church.

We are currently assailing Heaven with our prayers in a fervent manner, to implore that
we be sent a good, holy, courageous man as the new bishop of our diocese – a man
who will concern himself first and foremost with the greatest law of the Church, the
salvation of souls.

Over time we have spoken with a number of the bishops in our country generally
regarded as being among the more orthodox. The detailed process of the selection of
bishops has been described to us. If we are to be honest, we must say that, as we

consider the current state of Holy Mother Church, the practical results of this process
give one cause for great concern.

As faithful Catholics, we have a great love for the Church, and we also have families
which we wish to see remain strong in the authentic Catholic Faith. Therefore we are
taking this measure to remind all that it is no novelty for well-formed Catholics to be
heeded by their superiors in their requests for a bishop. The Second Vatican Council
called for, in part, a recovery of some of the ancient customs of the Church and also for
more involvement of the Faithful in day-to-day life and activity of the Church. We are,
then, availing ourselves of this expressed desire on the part of the Council Fathers.

We have no interest in anything other than bishops who, above every other single
consideration, have clearly demonstrated in their ecclesial service an absolute
willingness to uphold authentic Catholic teaching in its entirety, and to call for authentic
reform within the Church Herself, and to be willing to suffer for such a position. We
believe it is clear that while good administrative, financial, and public relations
skills have some importance, those qualities are secondary and in most cases are skills
that can be acquired or delegated. Unflagging devotion to the Church cannot be, and, it
must be said, is sorely lacking at every level.

It is further obvious to anyone who has the eyes to see and the ears to hear that we
are nearing a time of persecution, as Pope Benedict XVI, our own Apostolic Nuncio, and
others, have made known to us. We desperately require bishops willing to stand up to
the growing secular atheistic powers and the concomitant rampant abuses within the
Church. Choosing a bishop acceptable to a variety of parties, i.e. a compromise
candidate based on politics, ethnicity etc., will make far less likely the selection of a
man who will have the fortitude and virtue to lead us through the turbulent times fast

Instead, we should look to those priests who have already endured persecution bravely
and who have demonstrated that they will remain faithful to the Church in Her doctrine,
Her discipline and Her liturgy come what may. Indeed, we have such an excellent priest
in our midst and we now raise our voices to you that you will hear our pleas and give us
this man for a bishop.

The most insignificant diocese in the world is of incalculable value, and we understand
this. We speak here in more relative terms. The Diocese of El Paso is, relatively
speaking, among the smaller and more unassuming dioceses in our country. An even
smaller diocese is the neighboring diocese of San Angelo, which is also soon to be in
need of a bishop. We beseech our superiors to undertake what cannot really be
regarded as an "experiment," but rather a reversion to former times when Holy Mother
Church has been in similar crises, and to raise a courageous priest to the episcopate as
a means of helping turn the tide that is currently overwhelming us.

Our point is, we need heroic bishops here in El Paso and everywhere. We are
completely confident that we know just the man. As is our Catholic right and our duty,
we wish to inform you, our superiors, that this is the man we humbly request as bishop,
as his sole and overriding concern is the glory of God, the exaltation of the Church and
our Catholic Faith, and the salvation of souls. While we clearly understand that there
are powerful elements which will forcefully oppose our request, we also clearly
understand the reasons for such opposition, which themselves are firmly rooted in the
very severe problems that plague our diocese and the Church, from the bottom to the

Your Excellency, we request your assistance in transmitting this petition to our Holy
Father, Pope Benedict XVI, and through the use of the diplomatic pouch, in also
providing a copy to His Excellency, Marc Cardinal Ouellet, Prefect for the Congregation
of Bishops, and of also providing a copy of this petition to any parties you may deem

The undersigned, with no hesitation and with complete confidence, dutifully and humbly
make it known to our ecclesiastical superiors that it is our desire to see the Reverend
Father Michael Edward Rodriguez, priest of the Diocese of El Paso, consecrated as the
next bishop of that diocese. We have no doubt that by doing so we will see a gentle yet
firm restoration of authentic Catholicism in this diocese, with far-reaching effects. Yet if
in the wisdom granted you by Almighty God for the duties of your noble ecclesial office,
you deem it more prudent to select another candidate for this office, then with equal
ardent fervor we humbly request that you consider elevating the same Father Rodríguez
to the office of bishop in another diocese. Father Rodríguez is exceptional in so many
ways, and it is our desire to ensure that his qualities and qualifications are made better
known to you which we begin to do by means of the attached addendum.

Faithfully and respectfully submitted by:

José and María Reyes
2100 Woodfin Dr.
El Paso, Texas 79925

Jerome and Dr. Jonnalyn Belocura
6547 Laramie Ridge Road
El Paso, Texas 79912

Ruben and Kathy Hermosillo
1936 Thunder Ridge Drive
El Paso, Texas 79938

Dr. Charles Brady
229 Nogal Place
El Paso, Texas 79915

Mario A. and Francelia Macías
6537 Royal Ridge Road
El Paso, Texas 79912
No way that's going to happen.  They trumped up those charges about Fr. Rodriguez's financial irregularities to discredit him and now he's untouchable.  Too bad. 

However, my money is on a trad, a different one, for that See. 
(02-27-2013, 01:08 AM)Burdensome1 Wrote: [ -> ]No way that's going to happen.  They trumped up those charges about Fr. Rodriguez's financial irregularities to discredit him and now he's untouchable.  Too bad. 

However, my money is on a trad, a different one, for that See. 

What makes you think they will get a trad? many trad bishops actually exist?
Only a few, and since they are in the diocesan system, they can only be somewhat traditional.  But, in the episcopate, it doesn't take much to be relatively traditional.
Election of bishops by popular acclaim!  A fine old tradition.  That's how St. Augustine got his  see, back in the day.  

Even better is what happened to unpopular bishops who were imposed:  the people chased them out with stones and brickbats!  

How lucky Cardinal Mahoney and Bishop Weakland are not to have lived  1,000 years ago.  The fate of Patriarch Anastasius, who vacillated in his support for the imperial policy of iconoclasm, comes to mind.  He was flogged through the streets and blinded.    
He may not make Bishop but he is on his way of making Saint.

Now how many do you think hell has more of?
That's what I said to Fr. Michael in person during the Chartres Pilgrimage 2012. I told him if the Church was serious about cleaning things up, the first thing they would do is make you the Bishop of El Paso Diocese. And I agree about the trumped up charges by his bishop (Ochoa) a protege of Cardinal Roger Mahony.