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Full Version: The Bible on the History channel
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The Bible on the History channel just started at 8:00 pm EST.  I think it's a 10 part series.  It's good so far.  God just destroyed Sodom.  It showed how the people of Sodom wanted to diddle God's righteous angels that were there to save Lot.
There was just a Catholics come home commercial aired during the broadcast. Good thinking.
Cool.  I missed it.  I've been muting the commercials.  It's pretty good so far eh GeorgeT.
Honestly I've enjoyed the show so far. I think History deserves some credit for airing a series that portrays the events of the Bible pretty faithfully and doesn't attempt to discredit them. Also there was a pretty good ad for Catholics Come Home that talked about Christ instituting the papacy and the sacraments.
I'm watching it too ! The Catholic commercial was good too !  We're at the Exodus right now, I can't wait to see the Red Sea parted.

I just shocked at the liberties they took (from the get-go: Noah telling his "kids" what God delivered to Moses. It's plausible God said it Noah, as well, although very unlikely. As unlikely as it is that Noah is having to tell anybody anything since he'd spent an extraordinary number of years building the Ark and probably looking like a nut.)

And just after the botched sacrifice scene, they skip the 12 Tribes (to avoid controversy, probably) and Joseph and, well the rest of Genesis, and we go from Isaac to Moses as an adult, finding out he's not an Egyptian. (Loved how the Pharaoh was "American Good Dad").

:LOL: eh, it's good for laughs. They did do a good Sodom, and those AOTL (I used to call them "atols" because they're all through the OT) "Angels of the LORD" were pretty cool (one black, one Asian). I'm still just shocked they skipped the soap opera part (Isaac + Rebekah; Isaac's sons; and the whole selling Joseph to Israel. BIG. MISS.)
I don't have cable and am not watching it. But a friend tweeted that he was annoyed they said that Sodom was destroyed for "fornication". The city wasn't called "fornium", he commented.
(03-03-2013, 10:29 PM)mikemac Wrote: [ -> ]Cool.  I missed it.  I've been muting the commercials.  It's pretty good so far eh GeorgeT.

Too busy to actually watch it, but I caught some glances. I'll probably not have a chance to sit down and watch it unless they stream it from their site or something.
I wish tv events were somehow available on the internet.  I'm sure money could be made off of it.  Oh well. 

I guess I'll just have to wait until it's on YouTube by next year.
The production value is very good so far, acting seems ok, but I find the narrative very uneven and odd pacing (granted that Bible isn't very well paced either).  I have a feeling the New Testament material will probably be better. 
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