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Full Version: Question about Atkins
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I decided to start this as a new topic, becuase the other one seems to more of a debate and general discussion of weight loss. Like I commented on the other topic, I started this Atkins thing about 6 weeks ago, the reason I decided on Atkins is becuase my dad lost about 60 pounds on it, and he assured me I could lose 20 on it. However, in the 6 weeks I've been on it, I've stayed on the "induction" phase, I've not cheated at all, I've been exercising, and yet I've only lost 4 pounds. Atkins book suggests that caffiene and aspartame can impede your progress, has anyone found this to be true? This week I've started cutting out caffiene and aspartame, to see if I get better results. Also, could it be possible that it's easier for men to lose weight? I know that my weight loss will be much slower because I have less to lose than my dad, but it seems to be almost too slow from how fast people say you lose weight on Atkins. I would appreciate any thoughts on this! 
Hi there! Just an FYI - when posting, could you please make sure that your font is bigger, as I have been having to edit your posts so that others can read them. Thanks! :)
If you only have 20 pounds to lose, it may be a slower weight loss.  People with more to lose tend to lose faster.
I have found that when I have done Atkins, any kind of artificial sweetener impedes the progress, as it makes you crave more food.  I would munch on frozen berries once a day to curb any sweet cravings. 
To help speed progress I would suggest eating a really large chicken topped salad every day with lots of leafy vegetables, never use iceberg lettuce.  You can make your own salad dressing using parmesan, mustard, olive oil, and a dash of vinegar or lemon juice.  I make my salad dressing fresh using this method, I put it in a sealable jar and shake really well. 
If you don't eat veggies and follow the "meat only" plan that so many Atkins followers make the mistake of doing (which he also recommends against in his book) you will become very constipated and bloated, and this will likely prevent you from seeing any weight loss.
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It was still the same, so I edited it. For me, I just always make sure that the font size is at least a 2. :)
I know nothing about Atkins, but is it possible that you are gaining muscle with the exercise?
Hi. I have had good success with Atkins and yes, you have to do it by the book when starting out.
That means no caffeine, no alcohol, and no artificial sweeteners. If I remember correctly, the body will treat these as fuel and burn them before burning even carbs. The point of the diet is to switch your body's fuel from carbs to fat. These 3 extras interfere with the switch.
At least part of the purpose of the initially very low limit on carbs is to get your insulin levels to drop. If this leaves you with cravings, there is a supplement called chromium picolinate that helps alleviate the problem. The lower insulin levels leave some people feeling lethargic and the chromium might help with that as well. People who are already diabetic should not take it without their doc's OK.
I have read about a few different diets that all start out the same as Atkins induction. The hospital in my area has a weight management division and they also use an Atkins style induction. From what I gather through independent reading and lectures in my physiology class, reducing your insulin resistance is critical for diet success and long term health.
I hope this helps. The Atkins website used to be really good, but since Dr. Atkins' death it has become very commercialized- I was very disappointed with the change. If I have time tomorrow, I will go have another look at it and see if there has been any improvement.
P.S. Yes, men do seem to have better results initially. Women do catch up though.
Sophia Wrote:I know nothing about Atkins, but is it possible that you are gaining muscle with the exercise?

It is more than possible, it is probable. Muscle weighs more than fat, at least that is what I heard from a trainer. I should have thought to ask my prof about that before the class ended. [Image: doh.gif]
Thanks for the help everyone! I will try these suggestions. :)
Miss Fluffy Wrote:never use iceberg lettuce
I've heard this before from other sources, what is so bad about iceberg lettuce? And what is a good substitute? Romaine? (I'm totally salad ignorant)
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