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Full Version: German Carmel disassociates from SSPX
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The German Carmel that was associated with the SSPX (and one of the Carmels founded by Archbishop Lefebvre's sister) has officially renounced its association with the SSPX, because in their opinion the SSPX has become too liberal and accommodating to Rome. (German source)
They will join the Williamson wing.

Division breeds division. We now see the splintering of the SSPX.
Very sad. And widespread (not just SSPX, but Anglicans have splintered so many times that parishes are the size of peanuts, none getting along. (We have a quite wonderful Anglican-Use (RCC) and several "continuing Anglicans" within (under) 50 miles of each other, who all used to be one group, if I understand it correctly.)

Very sad.
How much good the SSPX could have done if they were regularized, now they have their own crisis.
Well this crisis has a name and and his name is Bishop Williamson.
(03-13-2013, 12:49 AM)Unum Sint Wrote: [ -> ]Well this crisis has a name and and his name is Bishop Fellay.

Fixed it for you!
Actually this type of bickering could have been predicted long ago. It is not a question of Williamson or Fellay, but rather a question of what happens when you sever your connection with the Catholic church. One dispute leads to another, and then another, and another, and so on.