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Full Version: To the heretics that dare call them selves the body of Christ
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Jesus is my Lord and my God, born of the Blessed Virgin Mary ever Virgin. He is the alpha and omega the beginning and the end. He is the light of the world and the lamb of God he is the perfect sacrifice of the Father by which humanity is reconciled to Him trough His sacred blood. We are unworthy recipients of such mercy from the all mighty. He takes away in His sacrifice the sins of the entire world and He entrusted to St Peter the keys to the Kingdom of heaven with power to bound and to loosen. He founded upon this human rock His most Holy Church which is a visible sign of grace upon the earth. To this Church He promised that the gates of Hell it self would not prevail against her, for the Church is His body as well as His bride and He is faithful.

No other institution of lose affiliation by which its unity may be suspect or confirmed by the whims of any man can make the claim of being the Church of the living God. For we the Church are His sheep we know His voice and you may do many deeds in His name but He does not know you.

Does that mean that the SSPX is not part of the body of Christ?
I had a conversation earlier tonight without a friend about the situation of the Church. Neither of us could understand why so many people who completely reject Christ and his teachings (both in scripture and in the authentic traditions and doctrines of the Church,) continue to call themselves Catholic! I mean even by the standards of the CCC and what has been taught since Vatican II the vast majority are still heretics. I don't know what the solution is other than just kicking them out. My friend says he thinks if we just continue to reaffirm the truth eventually the dissenters will leave and give up, but how well has that worked? John Paul II said definitively that woman could not be ordained, but how many liberals are still barking up that tree? I just don't understand why some one who didn't stand for Christ would even call themselves Catholic.
I guess I should clarify that this was written in anger and as a response to this article.

This moron of course an ex-catholic, don't they just make the best heretics, goes on and on about the body of Christ even though he would not recognize it even if it punched him in the nose.