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Full Version: Is Pope Francis a fraud?
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This article about Matthew Fox's opinion of the Holy Father is one of the most hilarious things I've read in a while.  :LOL:
"It also comes after 40 years of internal counterrevolution under the previous two popes, during which a group of hardcore right-wing cardinals have consolidated power in the Curia and stamped out nearly all traces of the 1960s liberal reform agenda of Pope John XXIII and Vatican II."

That was so....strange.  So John Paul II and Benedict XVI are in schism for opposing Vatican II, because "In the Catholic tradition, a council trumps a pope,” he says. “A pope does not trump a council."  Those two also "brought the Inquisition back, there’s no question about it.”   

Also, Schillebeeckx was a sedevacantist just like Kung. Weird. 
Vatican II is misinterpreted once again!

Decades of misinterpretation (both within and outside the Church), however, does not in any way mean that the Council itself is somehow at fault.  Nope!  The true Council will be discovered... just wait a little while longer!

I long to see a Roman Pontiff burn the 16 documents in St. Peter's Basilica.  :incense:


My 3,000th post — how appropriate!
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