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Full Version: An Open Rebuttal to Ann Barnhardt: On Francis
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I know in my "goodbye" thread I said I would not log in again. After the posting of this thread, I will not log in unless a post of this nature has to be made and have no intent to reply to anyone's replies on this thread. I know many will disagree in total or part. Just logging in gorges me on humble pie, but I can't disseminate this without logging in. Grr.

Please spread far and wide the actual article (below the quoted email). Ann Barnhardt's readership is in high numbers and as I told her in an email, in part:

Quote:I entreat, nay, implore, nay, beg you to think long and hard about the influence you have with your blog and the resulting fame it has produced for you in certain circles. Keep in mind Ms. Barnhardt that God allowed Luther fame as well. Becoming "successful" and "famous" at something is not always Our Lord's stamp of approval. More importantly, I beg you in charity to think of your soul. Even more importantly, if you have cast yourself into mortal sin by these calumnious writings of yours, which are absolutely unsubstantiated in large part, and woefully ignorant in other parts, and which I have written a full rebuttal to--, when you receive Our Lord in the Eucharist, and have not confessed, if you do not confess and are in sin, part of which includes making amends as able, which means a retraction [ note: original email said detraction, which is incorrect] and apology, you have not only contributed to Our Lord's Passion, but you exacerbate it by receiving Him while in mortal sin. And yeah, I try to remind myself of this every day. I feel like such a hypocrite just writing it in all honesty.

The irony of this is horrific to me, as you have made His Passion a battle flag by which you march. Even if by your lack of full knowledge you have incurred just venial sin in this grave matter of eviscerating the Pontiff, Christ paid for it in His Passion. Maybe it was just a fly buzzing Him while agonizing on the Cross. Maybe it was just the pain of a nasty look, or the satisfaction in the sick grin of an onlooker who saw Peter deny Him. Maybe it was a splinter from the Cross. He PAID FOR IT. He SUFFERED it. Is that what you want Ann Barnhardt? To let the fly buzz Our Lord while He was in agony because you wanted the satisfaction of a damn scoop? To be able to say, "ah ha! I told ya so, we didn't get Pope St. Pius X part 2!" and let Him feel the pain of an onlooker? To write your scathing diatribe which smacks of research done far below the level which is in your ability, and then hand in a C- paper so Jesus could take the splinter?

Get a friggin' grip, woman, and learn to follow your own advice and make good on that which I've watched you write about since your koran burning incident brought you to my, and others', attention. It's only been 2 years. Antichrist traditionally reigns for 3 1/2. Please, don't follow the trend and keep this crap up for another 1 1/2 years by becoming your own self-absorbed anti-christ.

We're in a combat zone, and we do not need people slinging rounds at El General.

What would Blessed Jose Luis Sanchez del Rio do, Ann? Would he talk massive junk about his commander because the man exhibited flaws, or would he carry the banner forward with the cry of ¡Viva Cristo Rey! while praying for the man who is leading the fight?

Think about it, Ann. Don't give the enemy more ammo. We're getting shot up as it is. Try that on for tactical advice, from someone who has actually been in combat.

"Punkasses dismount; everyone else, man the f*** up"- SFC Fussell.

Ave Maria,
SGT Jon B. Horton, Ret.
US Army



An Open Rebuttal to Ann Barnhardt: On Francis Preface
March 16, 2013

This prefatory post is a synopsis of the errors of Ann Barnhardt as concerns Pope Francis. The combined Part 1 ( and Part 2 (Part 2: total 12 pages in PDF format per their actual text. It’s a lot to read, I know. I know many people simply will not read it in total. As such, I seek here to provide a simple breakdown in the format of bullet points.

Part 1:
Ann Barnhardt:
* Seemingly rejects the full application of doctrine as to the graces of the Petrine Office, etc.

* Misapplies understanding, or simply doesn’t understand, the history of Jorge Bergoglio as a cleric.

* Exhibits a gross misunderstanding and ignorance of how Religious Orders work, Secular Ordinaries’ actual ability to govern outside of their diocese (none), and how a Religious priest/bishop who is made an Ordinary might interact with those under his care. In short, has no understanding of the application of subsidiarity within the hierarchy of the Catholic Church.

* Uses dubious resource material which is largely anecdotal or hearsay, suspect because there is conflicting info, and whose actual sources might be people who are giving incorrect info as concerns the actual situation. In short, bush-league reporting endemic to the same MSM she harps against.

* Charges disobedience by Pope Francis, then Archbishop/Cardinal Bergoglio, to papal authority and canon law, the motu proprio Summorum Pontificum (SP), without solid proof. This is speculative calumny against a prince of the Church who has been made Pope. Apparently does not understand the application of SP as concerns its totality.

* Claims without proof, against documentation which disagrees, of Cardinal Bergoglio’s tending towards Marxism based on his being a Latin American Jesuit. While she does note he rejects Liberation Theology, she then says he supports Marxism under the surface via the concept of Social Justice. Social Justice, properly defined and implemented, is traditionally Catholic. See portion on Jesuits as well.

* Claims he is a subtle supporter of the homosexual infiltrators in the Church and will do nothing to curb them or the heresies and abuses they and their Marxist allies have brought into the Church. This goes back to her misunderstanding of the Papacy’s role and how the hierarchy of the Church works.

Part 2:

* Claims Pope Francis, based on his time as Archbishop and Cardinal, is weak, doesn’t respect authority including his own, and is, in effect, anti-Church.

* Eviscerates Pope Francis for his work in ecumenical activities while Abp./Cardinal without applying that same line of thought to other popes, including Pope Benedict XVI and Pope John Paul II. Inconsistent in her line of attack.

* Accuses Pope Francis of not having a real belief, or understanding, in the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist, the Mass, or Our Lord in general. This is outright calumny and judges the man where she has no ability. She is, in this sense, violating the principle of subsidiarity and supplanting God with herself. Unwise, and a breaking of the 1st Commandment. This is, in truth, the sin of Satan: pride. As she is definitely lying about Pope Francis in certain aspects, she is following the Father of Lies, Satan, per those areas.

* Accuses Pope Francis of being guilty of the errors of the modern Jesuits, when in fact he has faced them down and maintained orthodoxy. She apparently is unaware of, or did not consider, the good Jesuits who are left in modern memory including men like deceased Fr. John A. Hardon and the heretical Fr. Karl Rahner’s brother, Fr. Hugo Rahner. This portion is just outright bigotry and paints with a broad brush. See Social Justice portion as well.

* Ignores Cardinal Bergoglio’s teaching on other doctrines besides abortion, euthanasia, and gay “marriage”– all of which, as I have read thus far, are absolutely orthodox.

* Engages in the error of Arianism’s “logic” per her essay on the order of Logos and Charity within eternity. Claims Logos exists first, before charity (love), in following Ayn Rand’s philosophy. This is based on a poor exegesis of St. John’s Gospel Chapter 1, and as shown in the actual rebuttal is tending towards the same line of thought as Arianism and the nature of Christ. Applies this horrible train wreck of thought to her bashing of Pope Francis.

* Engages in a sort of straw man argument, re: gravity and belief in, to bolster her bashing point regarding his orthodoxy on matters of faith, morals, and defense of Catholic doctrine.

* Subtly bashes the decisions of Pope Benedict XVI when it’s convenient for her argument. Insinuates knowing better than at minimum two popes. Prior, agreed with Pope Benedict XVI in other matters and appealed to his intelligence and tactical plan of cleaning up the Church Militant. As such, engages in tactics which she also accuses Obama of using, and which are reminiscent of the errors of Modernism.

* Claims Pope Francis will undo Summorum Pontificum despite all evidence pointing away from such a claim as concerns the universal Church. Thematically relying on speculation, presupposed argument, and what are sometimes just made up “facts” per anecdotes/hearsay to bolster the claim without solid proof.

* Claims Pope Francis is a chastisement by God and charges collective guilt to all in the Church Militant, apparently forgetting herself in the process. Insinuates she is doing more to make reparation to Our Lord in His Passion while others do not. The irony of this appeal, while engaging in bashing of the Pontiff, thus contributing to Our Lord’s Passion, goes over her head.

* Closes with, based on the prior writing of hers per Pope Francis, a sort of sarcastic rendering of the Greek phrases for “Lord have Mercy. Christ have Mercy. Lord have Mercy.”, as found in the Tridentine Mass, and the Latin for “Long live the Pope”.

Part 1:
Part 2:

Also see “Ann Barnhardt: More Objective Stupidity”:
"jonbhorton" Wrote:Username GottmitunsAlex is a Nazi-Sympathizer

lolwut  :hmmm:
Jon, thank you for your efforts.  Unfortunately, now you're going to have to be on the lookout for this:

[Image: annbarnhardttrim.jpg]
So what you're telling me is....Ann Barnhardt has been posting here at FE over the past week under numerous sock puppets?

(03-18-2013, 09:40 PM)DrBombay Wrote: [ -> ]So what you're telling me is....Ann Barnhardt has been posting here at FE over the past week under numerous sock puppets?


Well done Jon B. Horton.  I read an article by Ann Barnhardt the other day with her trashing Pope Francis.  It sounds like it was the same article that you are describing here.  I'd have to agree with you.