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Full Version: End of Lent
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I think we have this question perennially on FE.  When's Lent end?

I have variously read, or been told:
-at the saying of the Gloria on Holy Thursday
-at noon, or, the ringing of the Angelus, on Holy Saturday
-at sundown, or, the beginning of the Easter Vigil on Holy Saturday
-midnight Holy Saturday
-dawn, or, the first Mass Easter Sunday

I can't grant Fishies for the right answer......but if anyone has a reliably sourced and definitive answer, let's settle it.
Just an anecdote no citation, at 12:00 noon on Holy Saturday, because that's when Hot Cross Buns were sold, not before.

For what it is worth, I intend to resume normal posting after midnight on Holy Saturday.  This is not official, of course, but it is important information so that people can prepare themselves for the onslaught.

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Jayne, very nice intro.

See, even two of the forum heavyweights differ on this!

I would think this has got to be stated somewhere in the Church calandar.
Liturgically, Lent ends at Vespers on Holy Thursday, which marks the beginning of the Pascal Tridium.
And who would doubt the rock and gossip columnist, Father Sarducci !


Eastern rite its midnight holy saturday
My Tan calendar says, and I quote: "The recommended fasting and abstinence on Holy Saturday ends with the Easter Vigil service."

So, I take that to mean that while Lent might end on Holy Thursday, the mortification continues until the Easter Vigil.

But I realize many trads consider Tan to be less than reliable nowadays, so YMMV.   :tiphat:
Ok, ch. 28 of the General Liturgical Norms says that Lent runs from "Ash Wednesday to the Mass of the Lord's Supper, exclusive."  Online source for that is the Norms posted on EWTN. I can't figure out how to copy and paste a link with this infernal mobile device but will try to remember to edit this  post when next I am on the PC.

But, to continue to keep things stirred up: 1) this is from the 1969 document governing the NO, and so may be deemed invalid by some, and 2) the end of Lent and the end of the Lenten mortification seem to be generally agreed NOT to be coterminous (based on my Googling).

So I guess...take your pick.  And someone else will ask again next year, anyway.
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