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Full Version: Pope Francis announced his residence will be the HOTEL, not the Palace
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I'd read they were making renovations to the Vatican's Papal Apartment for Pope Francis, which had made me smile, but that doesn't jive with what the Pope said  at this morning's Mass (not a link to his Mass, but to Vatican Radio's report of the Holy See's statement about the Holy Father's statements at this morning's Mass.) Papa apparently announced he was going to stay at Domus Sanctae Marthae, the Vatican hotel, and congregate with the hotel's visitors, then make that trip to the Apostolic Palace every day for work.

Vatican Radio Wrote:(Vatican Radio) Tuesday of Holy Week was marked in the Vatican by morning mass presided by Pope Francis in the chapel of Casa Sancta Marta. Holy See press office director Fr. Lombardi has informed press that the Pope has decided to stay at the residence close to the Paul VI audience hall for now. Pope Francis has moved into a larger apartment and goes each day to the Apostolic Palace for work. Tuesday mornings congregation was composed of guests currently lodging at the residence along with the Holy Father.

There is the "for now" (suggests it could change); but there is also the "has moved into a larger apartment" (suggests permanency), and an official statement somewhere from the Holy See press office about this matter.

I think he could be staying in larger quarters "for now", but should move into the Papal Apartments eventually. Right?
Really, the dignity of the office demands something more.
Well, it does have vending machines.  And it's always fun to get ice.
I can't imagine this would be permanent.  What advantage would there be to staying in the hotel?
Perhaps not bugged . . .
This will create massive headaches and mounds of extra work for his security detail, but who cares? I'ts 'humble'! :eyeroll:
(03-26-2013, 03:03 PM)ImpyTerwilliger Wrote: [ -> ]Well, it does have vending machines.  And it's always fun to get ice.

Maybe he enjoys the scratchy towels?
Well, those of us that have said for forty years the Vatican is filled with Communists, Masons, and Satanists, might say he is doing it for safety. If you live in a place where at least a third are workng day and night against you, it would be better to be else where and leave them behind.

I don't see how this would qualify as particularly humble. From what I've heard the Papal apartments are nice, but hardly Versailles. And he'll still use them so often they can't be used permanently for anything else.
According the article in this old thread before the election, it said the new Pope would live there for a few weeks, so it doesn't seem like anything new:

Then again, according to the article in the following thread, he may be moving into the papal apartments of St. John Lateran, which I assume wouldn't happen until he formally takes possession of the basilica after Holy Week.
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