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Full Version: Jesus died not only for us all, but for each one of us.
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There is a new Catholic Audiobook available for those who are interested, I have taken excerpts from the Writings of Saint Alphonsus Ligouri on the Passion of Christ.  I hope to post each day on each chapter in anticipation of Easter and  Low Sunday (and/or) Feast of Divine Mercy.

Here is a brief excerpt from the second chapter.

"“O power of love!” cries St. Bernard ; “the Supreme God of all is made the lowest of all! Who hath done this? Love, forgetting its dignity, powerful in its affections. Love triumphs over divinity.” Love hath done this, because, in order to make itself known to the beloved, it hath brought the loving one to lay aside his dignity, and to do that alone which aids and pleases the beloved. Therefore, St. Bernard says that God, who can be conquered by none, causes himself to be conquered by the love which he bore for men."

You can listen or read  the Chapter here

You can click on this link to download all nine chapters of the Audiobook,

God Bless!    :)