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Full Version: After effects of the legalization of SSM for Parishes
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I just had a thought about an interesting dynamic that might play out in Dioceses across the country.

Once SCOTUS legalizes SSM, parishes are likely to receive pressure from Same Sex couples who are Catholic to marry them.

How do you think the Bishops and Priests will react in this scenario?
Read it and weep, in Massachusetts (where same-sex 'marriage' is 'legal')...

Quote:The book goes on: “In fact, Father Butterballino [not his real name] supported Joan and Claire’s civil marriage and the civil marriages of other gay parishioners. He admitted, “I’ve been to four civil weddings of gay people. It scares the s#(t out of me because those are very public situations. After the rite is over, I do some kind of prayer or blessing. If I’m called on it, I can say I was there and I performed a prayer. I didn’t perform a wedding.”

Cardinal Sean has done nothing about him or the gay Masses that take place in another well-known parish.