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Full Version: Best Recommendations for Catholic Apps
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Hey everybody,

I am entering into the 21st century and bought an ipad mini!  Now I do not even use a cell phone so this is totally a learning curve but I sure do like this machine so far.  I even got the "ipad mini for dummies" book but only through a couple of chapters so far.  The thing takes voice commands and dictation and the apps are incredible.  I am enjoying praying the breviary on it.  Last night we had nocturnal adoration and I did not have to lug a bag of books...the missal and breviary and a whole library is at my fingertips and the church has Wi-Fi.  I am shortly going on pilgrimage and will not have to bring books then either.

Here are some I have found that I would like to share with you:

mass times

Would anyone care to share something they have found to be useful?
I have the novus ordo and TLM and prayers in Latin and English and several translations of the holy Bible and books from saints in an uncountable number.
I use Laudate for most things.  I have another one on my kindle for the office, but normally I just get it off the Universalis website or use my books.
A neat app for cell phone users is Christian Music Ringtones.  It has many traditional Catholic tunes for your cell phone such as O Sanctissima, Adoramus Te Domine, etc....

Ipieta is my personal favorite.  Well worth the $3 it costs.  It has enough reading material to last you for quite a long time.
Okay, not really an app, but I found the entire Liturgical Year on It's amazing, the Catholic books that are available on there! It took a long time to make sure that I had all of the volumes and no duplicates, because a lot of them don't have the volume name listed in the title (Lent, or After Pentecost, v. ii). But it's doable.  Grin I was thinking of suggesting it to the iPieta developers, but I'm sure it would be quite an undertaking to make it navigable. There's an app available that streams a bunch of talks and sermons by Fulton Sheen, both a free version with only some of his talks, and a paid version with all of them ($8.99, I think). I'm hoping to get the paid version, as soon as I can figure out how to save the talks to my computer.
Ipieta for me also has just about everything  I need.
Thank you for sharing.
This is all new to me....just downloaded the free apps you recommended.

St. Joseph, pray for us.
Can the ipeta app work on Kindle Fire?
There were several good apps when I was on Android most of which have already mentioned.  I have since switched to Windows Phone 8 and by far the best app there is Catholic Companion.